Genshin Impact Leaks All TCG Cards: 211 Cards Revealed

Genshin Impact Leaks All TCG Cards: A fresh Genshin Impact leak details the new permanent TCG mode anticipated in version 3.3.
Genshin Impact leaked the permanent TCG mode’s cards. Before 3.2, the game’s social media outlets introduced Wanderer, previously Scaramouche, a new Anemo character.

Genshin Impact Leaks All TCG Cards: During the version 3.1 Special Program event, HoYoverse introduced a new TCG mode. Since then, Genshin Impact’s official Twitter account revealed that Genius Invokation, a new TCG mode, would debut in the upcoming update.

Genshin Impact Leaks All TCG Cards
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Genshin Impact Leaks All TCG Cards

Genshin Impact Leaks All TCG Cards: A fresh Genshin Impact leak reveals all 211 cards in the inaugural Genius Invokation TCG. These cards will supposedly include Diluc, Bennett, Razor, and Genshin Impact characters like Cyno and Collei. Ningguang and Paimon appear on several cards, according to fans.
The new mode will contain online matchmaking and weekly commissions, but they won’t be available until level 2. A new device that should come with the new game mode will monitor the whereabouts of several NPCs in Teyvat who may be challenged to a battle.

Players roll eight Elemental Dice, one for each Genshin Impact element and a flexible one, before taking turns to act and conclude a round. During their turn, players may replace their Active Character, discard a card to alter a dice’s elemental type, utilise their character’s talents, or finish their turn.

Genshin Impact’s lack of end-game content may be addressed by adding a permanent game mode. The final two levels of the Spiral Abyss are the only place experienced players may test their team composition.

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