Charizard Ultra Premium Collection 2024 Price In Usd

Charizard Ultra Premium Collection Price In Usd: The Pokemon TCG Charizard Ultra Premium Collection box is finally out, and fans want to know how much the three rare Charizard promos inside may be worth.

Over the course of several years, the Pokemon TCG has published a plethora of expansions and premium collections for the Sword & Shield cycle. While the Zamazenta and Zacian UPCs and the Shining Fates Elite Trainer Boxes have both been popular choices, the new Charizard UPC is likely to be one of the most anticipated of the bunch.

Including metal dice, a Charizard VMAX playing mat, 16 booster packs, and 3 foil etched promo cards, the Charizard Ultra Premium Collection was released on October 28, 2022. Each promotional Charizard card—Charizard V, Charizard VMAX, and Charizard VSTAR—features original, eye-catching artwork not seen on any other Sword & Shield Charizard card before.

It’s possible that some people will just keep the gorgeous Pokemon TCG cards as keepsakes, while others will want to cash in on the Kanto Fire-widespread type’s appeal by reselling the promos online. However, you may be surprised to learn Charizard Ultra Premium Collection worth.

UPC Charizard VSTAR Promo Price

The VSTAR card was the last “V”-style card to show up in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The Vstar also evolves from a “V” Pokemon, but it is different from the VMAX because it has a move called “VSTAR Power.”

Charizard Ultra Premium Collection

Like GX cards, you can only use a VSTAR Power once in a game. The Charizard VSTAR promo combines the powerful move “Star Blaze” with colorful art of the Fire-type taking on Legendary Mewtwo.

Even though it’s likely that the prices of these cards will go up and down over time, many people may be surprised by how low they are now, especially considering how hard it was for many people to pre-order or buy the UPC.

The Charizard VSTAR promo is worth $27.93 USD, according to

UPC Charizard V Promo Price

The card is magnificent because it has an etched picture of Charizard sleeping under a tree. The style of the art is similar to that of many Secret Rare Full Arts from recent Pokemon TCG expansions.

Charizard Ultra Premium Collection

The move “Heat Blast” on the card also does a lot of damage, even though it costs four energy to use.

The Charizard V promo from the collector’s set is worth $23.85 USD, according to

UPC Charizard VMAX Promo Price

Many people like this Pokemon TCG card more than any other in the set. In this piece of art, VMAX Charizard looks more like a scary dragon than a friendly travel companion, which is different from how the Kanto starter is usually shown.

Charizard Ultra Premium Collection

The powerful Fire-jaw type’s is full of sharp teeth, and its flame wings, which are its signature look in the Sword & Shield games, are all around it.

The Charizard VMAX promo is worth $27.30 USD, according to

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