Best Anime Dragons: 8 Iconic Anime Dragons Ranked

Best Anime Dragons: Dragons are common in anime, but these lizards are the most renowned. Dragons have long been respected in many civilizations, even if they’re fictitious. Being a big, flying, fire-breathing giant reptile has certain perks. In whatever medium, they’ll dominate. Many anime with dragons are the same.
Most anime depicts the finest dragons as gods and omnipotent entities capable of amazing deeds. Sometimes they’re independent and stubborn, and whomever gains their allegiance is extraordinary. Because of it, these dragons became anime icons.

8. Kanna Kamui – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Best Anime Dragons: Not all dragons are terrifying, godlike creatures capable of unimaginable damage. Some malicious pranksters conceal behind silence and infantile attractiveness. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’s Kanna Kamui.

Her pet-like nature and childlike disposition made this anime dragon a fan favourite. Kanna is strong when she needs to be. As with many ancient anime characters, she’s older than all humans despite her look.

7. Best Anime Dragons: Igneel – Fairy Tail

Igneel is a typical anime dragon. He’s the Fire Dragon King in Fairy Tail. Igneel is a loving giant that raised Natsu Dragneel, one of the story’ primary heroes, despite his nasty name.

Igneel protects his species but also tends to more important dragon matters. He may be aggressive like fire when not parenting. Igneel adopting Natsu was also excellent. He appreciated humans and other weaker creatures from the youngster. Igneel shines like a blaze in a world where wicked dragons outnumber benevolent ones.

6. Bahamut – Rage Of Bahamut: Genesis

Best Anime Dragons: Tired of heroic dragons? Here’s a biblical dragon. Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis depicts Bahamut as a dragon whose reawakening would destroy the universe. Thus, bounty hunters must pursue individuals who endanger Bahamut’s seal.
Bahamut’s imprisonment is understandable. He’s an impulse-driven cataclysm. Controlling him will be penalised. Zeus and Satan sacrificed themselves to end this massive menace.

5. Best Anime Dragons: Kaido – One Piece

Kaido of the Beasts is One Piece’s greatest threat. He leads the Beasts Pirates and is the strongest beast in the universe. Kaido became powerful after eating a Devil Fruit.

He could change into a strong Azure Dragon at command, which is unreasonable for Devil Fruit capabilities. Kaido has grown into One Piece’s worldwide power since then. Only the Straw Hat Pirates scratched him and defeated him after multiple rematches.

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Best Anime Dragons

4. Haku – Spirited Away

Best Anime Dragons: Since fire dragons are boring, here’s a water dragon. Spirited Away’s shape-shifting water deity Haku seems to be an oriental dragon. Haku is adaptable like his symbol. He’s even calm.

Haku may be chilly and fierce like waves. However, his care for Chihiro from the time he beheld her in the Spirit Realm makes him famous. He’s a river deity everyone may trust with good intentions.

3. Best Anime Dragons: Blue Eyes White Dragon – Yu-Gi-Oh!

The ancient Yu-Gi-Oh! Blue Eyes White Dragon was a must-have. Since its debut, it has been one of pop culture’s most captivating dragons. Its ludicrous name and rarity made it popular.
Blue Eyes White Dragon is one of the strongest monsters in the collectable card game outside of the anime. In the anime, only a few duelists like Seto Kaiba have the skill and temperament to wield this dragon.

2. Shenron – Dragon Ball

Best Anime Dragons: Shenron, a long-boi, is the most beloved dragon in Dragon Ball. He’s one of the series’ most prominent dragons since he constantly reappearing and has revived too many people at someone’s request.

Shenron ultimately become Super Shenron, his most powerful form. This golden version is multiple worlds. It can grant wishes and do almost anything, therefore its power is practically endless.

1. Best Anime Dragons: Charizard – Pokemon

Charizard may be little, but he has won hearts countless times. The original Ash’s most powerful Pokemon is Charizard, but its fiery temperament makes it difficult to control (no pun intended).

Charmander, Charizard’s basic form, is as cute as Pikachu. Charizard can fly and is stronger. His personality alone is noteworthy. This choosy lizard refuses to be touched by unworthy people (in badges, usually).

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