Prop Hunt Fortnite Code (May 2024): All New Map

Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes: Fortnite Prop Hunt has quickly gained widespread appeal among players. Here we take an in-depth look at this engaging gaming mode that has gained broad popularity – what it does, its appeal to so many, along with helpful tricks and tips on using Prop Hunt effectively and why you should give it a go yourself.

What Are Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes?

Fortnite Prop Hunt was introduced as part of Fortnite Battle Royale on June 8, 2019. Similar to hide-and-seek but using props instead of hunters, its objective is for props to remain hidden while hunters search for and eliminate them before time runs out.

What is the process behind Fortnite Prop Hunt function?

Fortnite Prop Hunt is played using custom maps created by players. Random assignments assign players to either hunt as hunters or props; props can transform into objects around them like tables, chairs or lamps to protect themselves from hunters. Hunters must search the map to locate and remove props; shooting an object not designated as a prop will result in losing health. Ultimately, either all props have been removed or time runs out – at which point the game ends.

Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes

Players can look up Prop Hunt maps created by other players or develop their own game using their own code. To participate in Prop Hunt in Fortnite you’ll need to locate an existing game being hosted or you can create your own game using an individual code. Here the compliled list of all codes provided below:

Roller Disco Prop Hunt (3948-7015-9316)

Prop Hunt is all about having an exciting, enjoyable time – few maps offer more excitement than Roller Disco Prop Hunt! Packed full of bright lights and 80s nostalgia, it even made Epic Games’ Discover tab, making this map some thing to experience for your self! So make sure you give this map a spin today – don’t wait, make time now to give this map its due!

Roller Disco Prop Hunt

THE YACHT PROP HUNT (7257-6466-2198)

Fortnite provides players with many amazing maps re imagined from other gaming classics. Fortnite faithfully recreates one such map – Call of Duty multiplayer’s iconic map which gives hunters plenty of chances to use as props while engaging in thrilling exploration!


Water Park Prop Hunt (0139-3586-5803)

Fortnite makes water parks fun again with their Fortnite Water Park Prop Hunt map! This indoor water park provides plenty of places for players to hunt or hide from rubber duckies to deck chairs – join up to 16 players today on an epic waterpark adventure at this indoor facility!

Water Park Prop Hunt

Family Guy Prop Hunt Fortnite (9972-0808-3330)

If you’re searching for those timeless values from which you grew up, Fortnite Family Guy Prop Hunt map is ideal. Spend an unforgettable afternoon at Griffin’s Home on 31 Spooner Street with 2-30 players and experience pure joy – guaranteed!

Family Guy Prop Hunt Fortnite

Prop Hunt Home Alone (1468-8833-8480)

No matter the season or time of year, hearing the Home Alone theme song always brings chills. So go on an exploration of this McCallister family home and blend in with their decorations for Christmas or search out those hard to locate hideouts like Harry and Mart did – just remember to save all change for your furry friend!

Prop Hunt Home Alone

Toy Store Prop Hunt (8760-1807-7616)

Toy Store Prop Hunt has proven it-self popular since its first released in 2019, making it an excellent starting point for new players learning the game! Players must hide in an abandoned shop disguised as toys to gain advantage; hunters have access to various tools which make hunting much simpler! For beginners looking for their first experience playing the game! This map offers plent y of opportunities for prop hunting action!

Toy Store Prop Hunt

Aquapark Prop Hunt (5210-5636-5318)

Aquapark Prop Hunt is one of the more unique Prop Hunt maps available within Fortnite Creative – and also one of its most beloved! Players enter an expansive public area when playing Aquapark Prop Hunt! This Prop Hunt takes place within a water park setting.

Aquapark Prop Hunt

This map offers plent y of summery fun such as pool s, water slides and dance floors! Set outside within a water park setting, players will get to experience all this exciting map has to offer through playing their Prop Hunt game.

Farm Frenzy Prop Hunt (8320-3226-7885)

Farm Frenzy – Prop Hunt was one of the original Fortnite Creative mode maps designed for Prop Hunt gameplay, providing players with an idyllic farm setting complete with rural farmhouse. Here they can host both Props and Hunters alike for this challenging battle royale map!

Farm Frenzy Prop Hunt

Prop Hunt Creative Map has long been one of the signature maps from Fortnite’s early Creative days, providing gamers an engaging challenge as props try to avoid Hunters in The Prop Hunt game mode. You will feel transported back in time when playing this map!

Mansion Murder Mystery (9850-2841-2309)

A departure from the usual Hide and Seek map, this Mansion Murder Mystery offers a grand setting with expansive rooms to explore as well as a cinema. A murderer is on the loose, and innocents must join forces with the detective to uncover who it is – without getting themselves killed in the process

Mansion Murder Mystery

Tips and Tricks for Playing the Perfect Hunt

Here are a few helpful hints and techniques for Fortnite Prop Hunt adventure: Fortnite Prop Hunt

Be creative: When selecting prop ideas, be bold. Integrate into the environment by finding unique hiding places where hunters won’t expect.

Communications: Prop Hunt requires strong team work. Collaborate closely with your teammates in planning an approach and orchestrating actions so no one falls behind.

As a hunter, keep a keen eye out for anything which appears out-of-place or outright bizarre – this includes props which might blend in seamlessly, yet are distinguishable from objects around them.

Be Patient: Patience is key when it comes to Prop Hunting. Take your time in evaluating each situation carefully before making any moves – any rush could cause errors and possibly give away your position!

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FAQ About Prop Hunt Fortnite Code

How can I play Prop Hunt in Fortnite?

To enjoy Prop Hunt on Fortnite, you need to join a custom game created by someone within the community. You can either look up Prop Hunt maps using Creative mode or join servers hosting these games.

Can I play Prop Hunt with my friends?

Yes, players can enjoy Prop Hunt with their buddies by either joining one of your group members’ custom games or organizing their own matches.

Is Prop Hunt available on all platforms?

Absolutely, Prop Hunt is accessible across all platforms that support Fortnite – PC, PlayStation, Xbox as well as Nintendo Switch.

Is Prop Hunt only available in Fortnite?

Not at all; this game mode can also be found in other titles like Garry’s Mod and Call of Duty. What makes Fortnite Prop Hunt unique, though, is its gameplay which has made it the most played mode among Fortnite players.


Fortnite Prop Hunt provides an exhilarating and thrill-ing game mode to add variety to Fortnite, creating a refreshing changes from other Fortnite game modes. Boasting its distinctive gameplay, teamwork requirements, and challenging nature – Prop Hunt quickly became popular among all levels of Fortnite players alike. By following our tricks and tips provided here you’re bound to succeed at Prop Hunt while having an enjoyable experience doing so!

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