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Farthest Frontier: How to kill a Wolf and Destroy a Wolf Den?


Farthest Frontier: killing wolves and destroying dens is important to keeping your town’s people and employees safe. Farthest Frontier blends city building with survival to let you create a mediaeval sanctuary. Local fauna, especially wolves, stand in your way, therefore you must learn to cope with them. Farthest Frontier teaches you how to kill wolves and demolish dens.

Wolf Killing in Farthest Frontier

You can instruct a unit to assault a wolf, but it’s not always that easy. In a one-on-one combat with a villager, wolves typically win or fatally injure before dying. In most instances, hunters, guards, or soldiers can combat a single wolf without much harm.


One of the aforementioned units will struggle greatly against more than one wolf. You can usually spare two units for a combat, so do so to avoid harm.

Two hunters with long-range bows is our greatest wolf-killing strategy. With two volleys, you can kill wolves before they reach your hunters.

Farthest Frontier

Destroying a Wolf Den in Farthest Frontier

Killing a wolf will protect your villagers briefly, but you must also destroy its lair. Once you find a wolf in a region, dispatch hunters to look locate its lair.


Using the hunter approach, kill all wolves near a den once you find it. After it’s clean, instruct them to assault the den with melee to remove it and make the area safer. You’ll need to continue this procedure whenever new enemies appear, but using this strategy, your settlement should be safer.

Your city will be safer once you kill a wolf and destroy its lair in Farthest Frontier.

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