Bleach: Smartest Characters, 7 Smartest Characters in the Series

Bleach: Smartest Characters: These smart, strategic characters produce some of Bleach’s most fascinating effects. In Bleach, persons with superior brains are often the most dangerous opponents. Masterful manipulations create self-doubt and lead to blunders, sometimes deadly ones.
Most of these entries have been around for over a century, giving them plenty of time to learn and grow. Each has learned a distinct ability set that may be shown again in Bleach:Thousand Year Blood War (currently streaming on Hulu).

7. The Underdog

Bleach: Smartest Characters: The “Last Quincy” may be a high-schooler, but his extraordinary intelligence can compete with century-old humans, which is impressive! Uryu Ishida challenges Mayuri and uses Ransōtengai like a puppetmaster to overcome the Shinigami’s paralysing Shikai.

Ishida’s strategic thinking can accurately foresee a projectile’s trajectory and fire it off target with his own arrows. He always appears to strike his opponent where it hurts. His emotions and Quincy Pride may sometimes cloud his judgement.

6. Magical Expertise

Yoruichi Shihōin, a beautiful woman, uses magical tactics instead of her Zanpakuto on the battlefield. This feisty kitty is the Shunpo, Hakuda, Shunkō, and Kido queen and can learn new spells instantly.
This shape-shifting vixen always has a snappy response and will gladly exploit her body to get the upper hand (blubbering and blushing victims make excellent target practise!). Yoruichi’s aristocratic background ensured a top-notch education, but happily, she didn’t pick up the snobby mentality!

5. The Psychological Warfare Specialist

Bleach: Smartest Characters: The former 3rd Division Captain’s EQ is off the charts because he loves to manipulate his victims’ emotions! Ichimaru Gin’s cautious word choices, veiled eyes, and unnerving, perpetual grin make it hard to read him or his intentions, which are excellent for his treasonous activities.

This kid prodigy easily navigated the Gotei 13’s politics and Shinigami Academy training to join Aizen’s ranks. Ichimaru’s lengthy game fools even Aizen!

4. The Strategic Mastermind

Kyoraku Shunsui is paying closer attention than one would expect to this well-respected Captain’s seeming nonchalance and carelessness. The suave Shinigami’s sharp perceptivity, which appears to have gotten stronger over time, impresses even Yamamoto.

Shunsui meticulously studies his opponent’s every move to determine their fighting technique and any patterns in their behaviours. His Zanpakuto’s particular skills demand intense attention and clever manipulation to win the game, since his various Shikai methods might backfire fatally.

Bleach: Smartest Characters

3. Scientific Ingenuity

Bleach: Smartest Characters: As the Gotei 13’s vicious mad scientist, Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s experiments are controversial, but his ingenuity is unquestionable. Like Inspector Gadget, the 12th Division Captain constructed a “daughter” from scratch and transformed his body into a weapon.
The current chief of the Shinigami Research Institute and developer of Fake Karakura Town is constantly problem-solving, studying data, or testing ideas and is always willing to play mind games on the battlefield. Mayuri is the only person known to alter a Zanpakuto and invented various Seireitei devices and medications.

2. The Deceptive Genius

Get this guy an Oscar, since Aizen Sosuke deceived (nearly) everyone into thinking he was a good-natured, kind-hearted Shinigami without a cruel bone in his body, which was far from the truth! The former 5th Division Captain devised the Hollowfication process, surreptitiously created an army of Arrancar in Hueco Mundo, and used them (and others) to perform his dirty work. Genius.

Aizen knows more about the Hōgyoku than its creator and has spent years studying Seireitei, gaining access to sensitive material. He is constantly two steps ahead and frequently hypnotises his opponent with his Zanpakuto.

1. The Underestimated All-Rounder

Bleach: Smartest Characters: Aizen concedes that only Mr. Hat-and-Clogs, the silly, easygoing, underappreciated Urahara Kisuke, could outwit him. When required, his shrewd, smart side comes out with a calculated strategy, shattering his blasé façade.

Urahara built the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, demonstrating his scientific prowess, and Seireitei owes many of its modern discoveries to the exiled 12th Division Captain. This creative genius produced Reiatsu Concealing Gigais, the Hōgyoku, and more, and has significant medical expertise and can make specific medications when required.

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