Genshin Impact Babel: Who is she?

Genshin Impact Babel: The internet has taken notice of Genshin Impact’s Babel, so continue reading to learn all there is to know about the matriarch of the Sumeru Tanit guild.

Babel was one of those NPCs who caught the fanbase’s attention. She’s a fascinating character that helps Sumeru on one of his globe journeys. We’re here to fill you in on Genshin’s Babel.

After you finish the Golden Slumber quest line, you may access the Genshin Impact Dirge of Bilqis, which has a significant role for Babel and the Tanit guild. You get to interact with the Tanit matriarch a lot because of the lengthy chain of global missions.

Who is Babel ?

A group of Eremites that reside on the southern edge of the Desert of Hadramaveth in Sumeru are known as the Tanit guild, and Babel is their matriarchal chief. She has a fierce disdain towards traitors, particularly if she has spent time and effort on them since she cares so much about the honour of her guild.

Genshin Impact Babel

Babel is kind and nice to guests, and she particularly likes the Eremite Jeht because she makes her think of her late daughter. Given that Jeht is the daughter of a traitor, other guild members see this as favouritism.

Will Babel be playable in Genshin Impact ?

Regrettably, Babel won’t be included in the Genshin Impact cast of characters. Although she plays a significant role in her quest line, her character design is just a reskin of the Eremite Scorching Loremasters, a kind of enemy that is widespread across Sumeru.

That is all there is to know about Babel.

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