Rode NTH-100 Review: Affordable and Robust Headphone

Rode NTH-100 is a pair of over-ear headphones manufactured by Rode, an Australian audio equipment company. The NTH-100 headphones are designed for professional recording and mixing, and feature high-quality sound, comfort, and durability.

They have closed-back, over-ear design with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and large 45mm dynamic transducer that provides accurate, detailed sound across the entire frequency spectrum. Additionally, they have a lightweight construction and comfortable ear pads, making them suitable for extended listening sessions.

Design of Rode NTH-100

  • extra comfort measures
  • Stylish and professional appearance
  • Pricey materials with high quality

Cabled over-ear headphones like the NTH-100 lack numerous wireless functions. There’s no microphone, volume controls, voice assistance, noise cancellation, or wireless connection. This is deliberate.

Rode headphones are for studio and focused listening, not everyday use (although they still manage this rather well, despite their intention otherwise). The NTH-100’s design is great considering this.

Rode NTH-100 Price

The Rode NTH-100 headphones were released March 29, 2022, for $149 / £149 / AU$249 worldwide in black (although four different colours of headband, earcups and cables will be sold separately).

Rode NTH-100

As a comparison, Sony’s MDR-1AM2 entry-level audiophile headphones launched at twice this price ($299 / £229 / AU$399), and while their lightweight design and exceptional clarity are impressive, the Rode NTH-100 offers audio with a better sense of space and a much more robust design for half the price.

Audio performance of Rode NTH-100

  • Amazing feeling of space
  • Closed-back cans with an open-back sound
  • Outstanding clarity and impartiality

The Rode NTH-100 exceeded our audio performance expectations. These professional headphones sound so amazing we’d suggest them to anybody who wants a detailed listening experience.

These closed-back headphones provide many of the benefits of open-back cans without their limitations (namely high pricing and sound leakage). The NTH-100’s feeling of space is one of the finest we’ve heard, eliminating weariness from listening to “near” sounds for long durations.

Even in thick mixes, you’ll hear individual instruments. The clarity is excellent, with no distortion at high levels, and there’s no compression like many headphones with “excited” sonic characteristics.

Purchase it if..

  • You want professional monitoring on a budget: It’s good to discover that these Rode headphones are so reasonable given their design and audio quality.
  • You want to hear rich detail in your music: Even for non-audio professionals, the Rode NTH-100 produce music with such clarity and spaciousness that we suggest them to anybody wanting to explore their favourite tunes.
  • You need a comfortable audio workhorse: These headphones’ durability, sumptuous comfort, and interchangeable parts allow for longer sessions and excellent lifetime.

Don’t purchase it If..

  • You want Bluetooth and other features: These cans lack the contemporary capabilities and quality-of-life upgrades seen in many Bluetooth headphones. If you can manage a cable, only buy them for their audio quality.

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