Genshin Impact Alhaitham: Five-Star Dendro Sword Wielder

Genshin Impact Alhaitham: Alhaitham from Genshin Impact has recently made appearances during our Sumeru excursions and to better understand him we conducted extensive investigations. If Hoyoverse offers us more clues we will update this guide accordingly – for now though let us focus on this tall broody and beautiful man!

Genshin Impact Alhaitham: Who Is He?

Hoyoverse recently introduced Dendro character Alhaitham for the third Genshin Impact Sumeru Teaser. We met him again at Port Ormos during Sumeru Archon Quests; could this scholar have any more to reveal himself to us?

Alhaitham is a Sumeru Akademiya Harvatat Scribe who knows many characters – including Lisa from Genshin Impact – since studying there. Players also discovered a mysterious message outside Wangshu Inn in Liyue that says Alhaitham and Zhongli are close.

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Alhaitham may take his name from Islamic Golden Age mathematician, astronomer, physicist Ibn Al-Haytham; known as “The Father of Modern Optics.” As Alhaitham hails from Sumeru – known for being home to learning – this may serve to indicate its intelligence.

Alhaitham wears black, turquoise, gold, and green with grey hair and has become popular with fans due to his striking similarities with Honkai Impact 3rd’s Su. Fans have taken note of these similarities; Alhaitham could well become another Genshin “expy”, alongside Raiden who shares similar features of other Honkai characters such as Su. Su is known for creating what became known as Sumeru Seed Technology which developed from his work within Honkai Impact.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham

Genshin Impact Alhaitham: Best Build

Our recommended Alhaitham gear is listed below. Considering his constellations and skills strengthening his element mastery is paramount since it can negatively impact his skill and burst. Fortunately weapons and artifact sets may provide some assistance.

Alhaitham’s Best Weapons

Alhaitham relies heavily on his Dendro eyesight and sword. Our proven choices will continue to adapt with his progress as a player; we suggest these weapons for Alhaitham prior to release date – particularly his signature Light of Foliar Sanction which will feature prominently on its weapon banner.

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Alhaitham Best Role in Genshin Impact

Alhaitham excels as either a DPS or sub-DPS character, though being off-field applicator means his Chisel Light Mirrors disappear once he leaves the field – necessitating certain components to build before unleashing special and burst attacks that deal massive amounts of damage when charged as Dendro user.

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