Elden Ring PvP Invader Likes to Just Walk Around the Map

PvP Invader Elden Ring likes to just walk around the map :Elden Ring PvP Invaders Enjoy Walking Around the Map: One player admitted to using PvP incursions as an opportunity for some leisurely exploration of their host map. While Invasions typically involve two players fighting each other to the death, in Elden Ring technically speaking invaders aren’t obliged to launch an attack against their Host, leading one participant to discover an unexpectedly peaceful way of playing online.

In March 2023, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco released Elden Ring via FromSoftware and Bandai Namco. Game of Thrones author George RR Martin collaborated on the script for this open-world dark fantasy action RPG, which received universal acclaim. Elden Ring was named the best video game of 2022 despite criticism that it wasn’t as well balanced as FromSoftware’s other Soulslike titles. Additionally, it won awards for outstanding game design, stunning art direction, and captivating role-playing elements.

FromSoftware’s Souls-like games, starting with 2009’s Demon Souls, have often featured invasions as an element of gameplay. Reddit user Anchorrr sometimes goes by the handle JustTakingAWalk while wandering aimlessly around other people’s games – recently one user on Elden Ring subreddit posted video footage of himself doing so for other gamers’ entertainment.

Elden Ring PvP Invader Likes to Just Walk Around the Map

PvP Invader Elden Ring likes to just walk around the map

In a 45-second teaser clip, Anchorrr’s character is seen walking up the steps towards Elden Ring’s Volcano Manor. Assuming a fight is about to break out, the game Host and their co-op partner appear near the Fog Wall at the top of the stairs; one player even casts a spell for them which spectators can observe. Instead of attacking, JustTakingAWalk simply strolls past them and turns left across the bridge while his fellow players watch from above with one appearing to ask “Is that it?”

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Anchorrr’s clip ends after 45 seconds, but he was far from alone on his journey through Elden Ring’s global atlas. In fact, two other players joined him on this particular expedition as well. Before departing the Fog Wall where they’d first met, Anchorrr bowed and presented his hosts with a Lord’s Rune as thanks for having shared such an exciting adventure.

Another commenter mentioned they and their co-op partner had been invaded by Anchorrr a few days earlier. The Host and their companion traveled with him for some time until coming upon Glintstone Dragon Smarag, the Greater Foe Boss guarding the Glintstone Key to the Elden Ring. Anchorrr waited until they killed the dragon before being sent home – making these Invasions some of the friendliest Elden Ring users will experience.

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