Elden Ring PvP Invader Likes to Just Walk Around the Map

PvP Invader Elden Ring likes to just walk around the map: One Elden Ring player admits to using PvP incursions as an opportunity to simply stroll around the map. Despite the fact that Invasions in Elden Ring typically involve two players fighting each other to the death, technically speaking, invaders are not obligated to launch an attack against their Host. This led to at least one participant discovering an unexpectedly tranquil method to enjoy the online game.

In February of 2022, Elden Ring was published by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco. Game of Thrones author George RR Martin collaborated on the script for this open-world dark-fantasy action RPG, which received universal acclaim. Elden Ring was deemed the best video game of 2022, despite criticism that it wasn’t as well-balanced as FromSoftware’s other Soulslike titles. It also won for outstanding game design, excellent art direction, and compelling role-playing.

FromSoftware’s Soulslike games, beginning with 2009’s Demon Souls, have frequently featured invasions as a hallmark of gameplay. Instead of engaging in a life-or-death combat with the Host, Reddit user Anchorrr sometimes goes by the handle JustTakingAWalk while wandering aimlessly around the games of other users. A user on the Elden Ring subreddit recently published a video of himself doing this, much to the entertainment of other players.

Elden Ring PvP Invader Likes to Just Walk Around the Map

PvP Invader Elden Ring likes to just walk around the map

In the 45-second teaser, Anchorrr’s character is shown strolling up the steps to the front door of Elden Ring’s Volcano Manor. Assuming a fight is about to break out, the game’s Host and their co-op partner show up near the Fog Wall at the top of the stairs. One of the players even casts a spell in advance, which spectators can see. Instead of attacking, though, JustTakingAWalk simply strolls past them and turns left, continuing across the bridge. All the while, the other players watch from the top of the steps, with one appearing to turn to his partner and inquire, “Is that it?”

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Clip finishes after 45 seconds, but Anchorrr walked for much longer. In addition, he wasn’t alone on his stroll through Elden Ring’s global atlas; he mentioned in the comments that two other players had accompanied him on this particular expedition. As he was leaving, Anchorrr bowed to his hosts at the Fog Wall where they had first met and presented them with a Lord’s Rune.

There was even a commenter who said they and their co-op partner had been invaded by Anchorrr a few days before. The Host and their cooperative companion journeyed with him for a while before coming upon Glintstone Dragon Smarag, the Greater Foe Boss protecting the Glintstone Key to the Elden Ring. Anchorrr waited until they killed the dragon before being sent home. All in all, these Invasions are among the nicest that Elden Ring users will face.

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