Custom PC Tycoon Codes: Latest Codes (March 2023)


Custom PC Tycoon Codes: Free in-game stuff and upgrades? These coupons give you amazing bonuses for your excursions. Custom PC Tycoon is a popular Roblox game, therefore these coupons may be changed regularly as milestones are reached. For testing purposes, we’ve included all live and expired Custom PC Tycoon coupons below. Stick around to learn how to redeem them and acquire all your goods quickly.

Custom PC Tycoon Codes (March 2023)

Custom PC Tycoon Codes

The March Custom PC Tycoon coupons list is here. You can’t refuse free components and in-game currency, can you? Custom PC Tycoon codes:

  • 7M Visits – Redeem this code to get SP 5CE motherboard
  • GamingDan – Redeem code to get PC Parts
  • 70K Likes – Redeem this code to get PC Parts
  • April Fools – Redeem this code to getPC Parts
  • Lunar – Redeem this code to get 3000W Tiger PSU
  • 30K Likes – Redeem this code to get 6Bit V0 CPU
  • NewUpdate – Redeem this code to get x1,500 cash
  • 5M visits – Redeem this code to get Fusion Cooler
  • Merry Christmas – Redeem this code to get Fans
  • Supportive – Redeem this code to get Nightcore Case
  • FirstMilestone – Redeem this code to get Free Part
  • LikePower – Redeem this code to get Free Part
  • 7k Likes – Redeem this code to get RAM
  • 3k likes – Redeem this code to get Memory
  • 400k visits! – Redeem this code to get RAM
  • Fan Power – Redeem this code to get Whoosh Cooling
  • Skull and Bones has been postponed yet Again

Custom PC Tycoon Expired Codes (March 2023)

We have the whole list of Custom PC Tycoon expired coupons if you wish to attempt them. If you’re typing the above active Custom PC Tycoon codes, there’s no harm in trying, but don’t get your hopes up since they will likely be gone forever.

  • There aren’t any Custom PC Tycoon coupons that have expired right now. If any changes occur, we will update this list.

Redeeming Custom PC Tycoon Codes

Of course, what good are coupons for exciting new presents if you can’t redeem them? Follow these steps to acquire all the free stuff:

  • Open up Custom PC Tycoon on your Roblox platform of choice
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Copy and paste one of the codes from the list above into the empty text field
  • Press ‘Enter’ to redeem your free gifts

Our list of current and expired Custom PC Tycoon codes is complete. Free in-game goodies!


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