Understanding Fire Emblem Tier Lists: A Comprehensive Guide

Fire Emblem rank lists: Intelligent Systems’ strategy RPG series is released by Nintendo. Since 1990, it has produced over 20 games on various systems. Strategic action, character-driven tales, and rich tactical battle are Fire Emblem’s hallmarks. To defeat foes and advance the plot, players must use a large cast of characters with unique skills and personalities.

Fire Emblem tier lists

Fire Emblem tier lists explained

Tier lists in Fire Emblem can be different depending on the criteria used, such as a unit’s overall power, its usefulness in certain game modes, or a player’s personal preference. Some popular Fire Emblem tier lists use a tier system, which groups units into different categories based on their relative power. Some commonly used tier categories include:

  • S Tier: The strongest units in the game.
  • A Tier: Very strong units that are just below S Tier.
  • B Tier: Good units that have notable strengths and weaknesses.
  • C Tier: Average units that have a mix of strengths and weaknesses.
  • D Tier: Weak units that have limited use.

Remember that Fire Emblem tierlists are arbitrary and can change as new games, game rules, and views change. Player skill and playstyle also affect unit success.

Fire Emblem tier lists

RankingUnit Name
SAlear, Diamant, Hortensia, Ivy, Kagetsu, Seadall, Veyle
AAnna, Alcryst, Alfred, Chloe, Fogado, Lindon, Mauvier, Panette, Zelkov
BCeline, Goldmary, Jade, Jean, Lapis, Louis, Merrin, Pandreo, Rosado, Saphir, Timerra, Yunaka
CAmber, Boucheron, Bunet, Citrinne, Clanne, Etie, Framme, Vander


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