Fallout 76 wendigo location: Where to find Wendigos in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Wendigo Location Guide: Appalachia’s wasteland is a dangerous region in Fallout 76, filled with hostile monsters such as Ghouls, Scorched, and the formidable Wendigo. Before venturing out into these wastelands in search of one of Fallout 76’s most terrifying animals – the Wendigo – make sure you stock up on supplies first! This guide will provide detailed locations of Wendigos across Fallout 76 for your convenience.

Fallout 76 wendigo location

Fallout 76 wendigo location

Similar to Deathclaws, Wendigos aren’t exactly common in the Appalachian wasteland. Even if you manage to discover the existence of Wendigos, it won’t be until late in the game, as you’ll spend much of it witnessing other monsters. Although they are unrelated, Wendigos like to congregate in the same areas as Feral Ghouls. It’s been suggested that you look in the following places if you’re determined to find a Wendigo:

  • Wendigo Cave – Wendigos may usually be found at Wendigo Cave, which is located in the middle of the severe Divide.
  • Fort Defiance – Fort Defiance, found between the severe Divide and Cranberry Bog, contains a resident Wendigo that prefers to hang out on the right side of the building’s upper floors.
  • Monongah Mine – During the Colossal Problem event against the Wendigo Colossus, dozens of glowing Wendigos will appear in this area.
  • Sons of Dan Compound – At the end of the One Violent Night event, a legendary Wendigo called The Nightstalker will always show up in this area.
  • Big B’s Rest Stop – The rest stop is in the southern part of The Mire, near Camp Venture. There is always one Wendigo inside.
  • Haven Church – The building is in the middle of The Mire, and a Wendigo and several Ghouls can often be found inside.

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