Tecno DA File Auth (MTK CPU) Frp Unlock

Download Tecno DA File Auth (MTK CPU): You’ll want the secure boot agent loader documents to get into the internal storage to the MediaTek-powered chip apparatus. The majority of the MediaTek running devices include a bonded boot or boot ROM that you can not change or control using ordinary DA brokers (Download brokers ). At the same time, the newest Tecno MediaTek-powered devices include a safe boot system. Hence, the boot system does not let normal MediaTek Download Agent documents browse via internal storage correctly.

Download Tecno DA File Auth (MTK CPU) Frp Unlock
Tecno DA File Free Download

To accomplish that, we will need to utilize another individual Secure Boot Download Agent loader document that may bypass the protected boot of their MTK devices readily. The Tecno DA File brand apparatus is operating on MediaTek chipset, and this is the way you may encounter a few of the mistakes when using the SP flash instrument.

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Tecno DA File

You might get authentication or streaming issues at any time you attempt to flash the firmware documents or picture files. In this guide, we’ll share one of the hyperlinks to get the hottest Tecno DA File MTK safe Boot Download Agent loader files that can use SP flash programs readily. We’ll discuss the manual too. Adhere to the entire article.

These documents come in handy by flashing any document onto any MTK running apparatus that has allowed safe boot.

These DA files also assist the user in backing up, flashing documents, skip Factory Reset security (FRP lock), and much more. Consequently, if you plan to flash any documents, follow the manual entirely, together with download links.

Readme: Tecno IN3 FRP Lock Remove | Tecno IN3 FRP File And Sp Tool

Boot Download Agent loader Files and its Advantages

Most of the newer MTK running devices are now coming with a secure boot system which doesn’t allow the user to access internal files via any DA files. Therefore, in order to bypass this secure boot lock, we need to use an individual Secure Boot DA files. These files will allow users to access the internal storage of the device easily.

By performing the individual Secure Boot DA files, you will get benefited:

  • Able to bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP lock) system
  • Backup the device system image
  • Reading security codes of a particular MTK device
  • Flash firmware files
  • Cloning a recovery image file
  • Cloning boot files

Download Tecno DA File (MTK CPU)

S.NoFile NameSizeLink
1.Tecno B1P DA by officialroms.com182.8KBDownload Now
2.Tecno CA6 DA by officialroms.com.rar162.2 KBDownload Now
3.Tecno CA7 DA by officialroms.com.rar309.36 KBDownload Now
4.Tecno CA8 DA by officialroms.com.rar272.36 KBDownload Now
5.Tecno Camon CF7K DA by officialroms.rar515.36 KBDownload Now
6.Tecno Camon CF8 DA by officialroms.com.rar515.09 KBDownload Now
7.Tecno Camon I 2X ID5B DA officialroms.com.rar449.8 KBDownload Now
8.Tecno Camon I Ace IN1 DA by officialroms.rar272.7 KBDownload Now
9.Tecno CX Air DA by officialroms.com.rar1.7 MBDownload Now
10.Tecno F1 DA by officialroms.com.rar1.1 MBDownload Now
11.Tecno F2 DA by officialroms.com.rar1.1 MBDownload Now
12.Tecno F2 LTE DA by officialroms.com.rar272.2 KBDownload Now
13.Tecno F2 LTE DA by officialroms.com.rar272.2 KBDownload Now
14.Tecno F2LTE Auth by officialroms.com.rar870 BDownload Now
15.Tecno F3 DA by officialroms.com.rar1.1 MBDownload Now
16.Tecno F4 Pro by officialroms.com.rar515.6 KBDownload Now
17.Tecno I5 DA by officialroms.com.rar1.71 MBDownload Now
18.Tecno I5 Pro DA by officialroms.com.rar1.71 MBDownload Now
19.Tecno I7 DA by officialroms.com.rar362.1 KBDownload Now
20.Tecno IN2 DA by officialroms.com.rar272.2 KBDownload Now
21.Tecno IN5 DA by officialroms.com.rar167.1 KBDownload Now
22.Tecno KA7 DA by officialroms.com.rar165.7 KBDownload Now
23.Tecno KA7O DA by officialroms.com.rar272.2 KBDownload Now
24.Tecno KB7 DA by officialroms.com.rar165.2 KBDownload Now
25.Tecno Phantom 8 DA by officialroms.com.rar2.0 MBDownload Now
26.Tecno I3 DA by officialroms.com.rar1.70 MBDownload Now
27.Tecno I3 Pro DA by officialroms.com.rar1.70 MBDownload Now
28.Tecno B2 DA by officialroms.com.zip172.2 KBDownload Now
28.Tecno KE6J DA File by officialroms.com546KBDownload Now

Password: officialroms Secand Password: officialroms.com

How To Use Tecno Custom Secure Boot Download Agent Loader Files

Using the Custom Secure Boot Download Agent Loader Files on MediaTek devices is quite simple and easy to use as well. The DA files are only applicable for tool specific processes. Here in this guide, we share the guide for steps to use on SP flash tool.

  • Download the SP Flash tool and run it.
  • Now, go to the Download tab.
  • Then click on the Choose button, and select the downloaded Tecno Custom secure boot DA file.
  • The custom DA file will now load up and you’re ready to use this file to flash any ROM or any image file to your MediaTek device.


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