Infinix MTK Latest DA File Download All Infinix Model 2024

Infinix MTK Latest DA File Download All Infinix Model, Infinix has several Meditek apps on its smartphone list. Nonetheless, they’ve all got the stable bootloader functionality with the new update. Developers can access the stable boot to patch or upgrade firmware files with this new protected bootloader. That’s a huge issue in the market. So here we are with the new stable boot downloading agent loader files from Infinix MTK which will help you easily bypass the stable bootloader.

MTK Secure DA file to boot?

Mediatek has recently made flashing firmware more complex with new features such as sign.img and secure boot. Now, flashing systems directly through Sp flash tool for frp unlock is no longer straightforward due to the increased need for boxes and dongles to perform certain operations. With MTK devices like Lava, Micromax or Infinix you may experience “Da File MisMatch Error”, “Authentication Error” or “Buffer Error” when using Sp flash app with its new stable boot feature.

With CM2, NCK and Miracle tools, you may experience a safe boot error during the flashing process. To resolve this issue, download custom DA files for each device type without any errors in the DA file.

Infinix MTK Latest DA File Download All Infinix Model

Infinix MTK secure boot DA files

These new stable boot Download Agent Loader files from Infinix MTK can help you get access to the main storage. You may then use this to edit the system files, or further. Can you:

  • Flash stock or custom ROM
  • Change the recovery system
  • Edit root files
  • Bypass FRP lock etc.
  • Copy firmware files
  • Take a complete backup
  • Copy IMEI & NVRAM

Infinix MTK Latest DA File Download All Infinix Mobile

The links for the new Infinix Mediatek Secure DA boot files are given below. This post will continue to be updated with all the new Infinix products, so be sure to bookmark us!

Supported deviceDownload

Secure Boot DA file on Infinix MTK Using SP Flash Tool?

  • Download Infinix File from the link above and extract Now open “Sp Flash Tool” on pc Click the select button and choose “MTK DA SP.bin” from the extracted folder.
  • The steps below explain how to format a single partition of an Infinix Hot 8 Lite X650 using the SP flash tool.
  • Extract the content of the SP flash tool zip file and Launch SP flash tool.
infinix mtk latest da file
  • Select the scatter file for your device by clicking choose besides the scatter-loading file’s dropdown bar.
 X650 DA File (Format Frp Lock) Inifnix Da File
  • In the windows that appear next, navigate to and select the INFINIX Any Model scatter file.
infinix mtk latest da file
  • You should now be taken back to the SP flash tool window, click on the Format tab.
infinix mtk latest da file
  • Tick the checkbox beside “Manual format flash” .
  • Open windows explorer and navigate to the location of the scatter file you selected earlier on then open it using Notepad++
  • Scroll down the contents of the scatter file till you get to the partition you wish to format [in my case, I’m trying to format FRP partition]
  • Input the values of Linear_start addr and partition_size into SP flash tool then Click on Start.
infinix mtk latest da file
  • Power off the phone (with the battery in) then connect to the PC via a USB cord. Once successful, you should get a green tick.
  • Now you can boot up the INFINIX HOT 8 LITE X650.
infinix mtk latest da file


Here is how you can utilize various MTK tools to access Infinix Secure DA files. Please be aware that some of these Secure DA files are specific to certain MTK devices and these instructions only cover selecting the DA file using different MTK tools. If you require assistance with Unlock FRP, Rooting, Installing custom recovery etc., then please look for another post. Thank you so much for reading – have an awesome day!

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