Dire Promise God Roll: Ultimate Guide & Latest Updates (April 2024)

Dire promise god roll: The weekly reset in Destiny 2 happened lately, and Xur, for some reason, doesn’t appear to notice. The Agent of the Nine is now selling legendary weapons and armour from atop a red tree in Nessus, as is customary.

Players must go to Watcher’s Grave and walk right past the dead opponents who are annoying them. He’s selling a God-roll of Dire Promise, one of Destiny 2’s most powerful hand cannons.

About: Dire promise god roll

Dire promise god roll

Destiny 2 is infamous for its enigmatic RNG, and as a looter shooter, it matters when it comes to which firearms and armour components players should keep and which should be scrapped. Players rarely obtain exactly what they desire because some drops are random, and the treasure pool for Destiny 2 is rather large.

The prize pool grew even larger with each passing season, as it does with each successive season. Weapons, armour sets, and even exotics are all new or reprised.

God-roll Dire Promise is one of the items that players can get from Xur in Destiny 2 right now

Dire Promise is a legendary hand cannon equipped with an adaptive frame of 140 revolutions per minute (rpm). Being adjustable offers numerous benefits, such as increased stability and aim-assistance.

Due to Xur’s current imprisonment, it may take multiple attempts to locate him. Each legendary item, however, can be purchased from him for 50 legendary shards and 1000 glimmers – the same price as before. The benefits of the Dire Promise that Xur is currently marketing include:

Sights: Steadyhand and Hitmark HCS. Ammunition: high calibre rounds as well as ricochet rounds. Snapshot Sights for faster aiming are also available.

Once you’ve aimed the weapon, use a rangefinder to extend its effective range.

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