Damon Salvatore Rule 34 Vampire Diaries still Enamored 2024

Damon Salvatore Rule 34: The Vampire Diaries debuted in 2009, its debut has gripped an entire generation. Like Twilight Saga before it, but much darker, audiences were mesmerized not only by its complex plot but also Damon Salvatore himself actor Ian Somerhalder captured him to such perfection that viewers of The Vampire Diaries remain obsessed. Today we will cover everything you ever wanted to know about Damon.

Who Is Damon Salvatore?

Damon Salvatore Rule 34

Damon Salvatore, Stefan’s older brother & antagonist/protagonist in Mystic Falls. After receiving treatment to end his immortality in 1864 – Damon returned as human before becoming vampire once more 15 years later due to their troubled relationship & soon found himself thrust into one of Mystic Falls primary plots. an unlikely love triangle between Damon, Stefan & Elena.

Damon Salvatore Rule 34

Guidelines 34 is an age-old internet rule that applies to everything, from video games & fictional television characters, to adulterous fan fiction written about these subjects online. Simply stated. If it exists, then there’s piss on it.” There will never be exceptions for Damon Salvatore as there has always been content about him online – something which has become rather typical nowadays with Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter reading some adulterous fan fiction written about him. Such content about famous TV/movie personalities seems increasingly common these days.

Damon Salvatore Car. Which car does Damon Salvatore drive?

Damon Salvatore’s car

Damon Salvatores car has quickly become an recognizable landmark within moviegoer culture. Although not as legendary as Dean Winchester’s 1967 Chevrolet Impala from Supernatural, fans of The Vampire Diaries love his 1969 Chevy Camaro Convertible that made an appearance during Friday Night Bites when Damon drove Caroline off at cheerleading practice.

Damon Salvatore Movies Series List

The Vampire Diaries (season 1) Damon Salvatore
The Vampire Diaries (season 2) Damon Salvatore
The Vampire Diaries (season 3) Damon Salvatore
The Vampire Diaries (season 4) Damon Salvatore
The Vampire Diaries (season 5) Damon Salvatore
The Vampire Diaries (season 6) Damon Salvatore

Shirtless Scenes with Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore’s shirtless scenes in “Vampire Diaries” heightened the heat. While there are multiple shirtless Daman Salvatore scenes throughout the series, here are several that stand out as particular highlight. Here is a selection of them.

Scene with Delena.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries have long anticipated seeing Damon & Elena finally get together, which adds another level of tension between them as Elena is his daughter.

Scene of a Shower

This momentary scene took fans by surprise. seeing Damon take his shower proved more shocking & unexpected than many VD fans could handle at that moment in time, sending many hearts racing.

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This show often featured Damon Salvatore without his shirt on, much to fan-girl delight. When the Heretics showed up unexpectedly at his residence, this also happened randomly.

Kiss Scene with Delena

Many fans of Vampire Diaries were deeply moved by this scene, which marked both Delena’s first kiss as well as illustrated their dynamic relationship.

Quotes by Damon Salvatore

  • Damon delivered some unforgettable lines in The Vampire Diaries. here are just a few of his more memorable sayings.
  • Stefan says at the start of Season one. Damon Savetorre Rule 34
  • “She took my breath away.” Stefan exclaimed in shock. Katherine looks exactly like Elena. does being in Katherine’s presence make you feel alive? Does surrounded by such beauty give you chills?”
  • Stefan asks him the following question. “Tell me when was the last time something stronger than a squirrel appeared in your life?”
  • “Oopss,” Elena responds. I know this topic will come back up again at some point now. perhaps he didn’t want you to think he was on the rebound so didn’t tell you himself. we all have seen how these types of relationships end.”
  • Elena confesses her fatalistic views.
  • “Worry about us repeating past errors?” Stefan asked me. Wasn’t that why you created your “I’m a High School Human” game?
  • Stefan acknowledges his mistake by offering to apologize.
  • “Life can be challenging, Jeremy,” I tell him. But vampires shouldn’t feel bad for it in this lifetime,” concludes Jeremy.
  • Katherine observes, as Elena attempts to convince him, that they came here with the intention of destroying it. yet tonight they feel drawn to defend it despite themselves. Elena doesn’t consider themselves heroic figures despite their good deeds being worth much. “it isn’t in my blood”.
  • Katherine expressed her thanks. “Because she did it for you,” Katherine mentioned that her actions indicated they believed it important that Katherine was saved at some point along the way, meaning it meant so much to them that you took such good care in looking after me – something Katherine deeply valued & was profoundly thankful for. Katherine then gave Katherine some flowers from their bouquet as thanks.

The Vampire Diaries (season 2) Damon Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries (season 2) Damon Salvatore
  • On the patio, Elena asked with great emotion. “Really?” When parting ways, Elena inquired as to whether we had kissed.
  • Stefan made reference to Damon Salvatore’s Rule 34 when making an observation. women know how to make an entrance.
  • Elena asked Bonnie why they allowed John Gilbert to use a vampire torture device against them. & inquired after Caroline.
  • Katherine asked a question, fearful that if I answered accurately it could bring back explosions & rocket launches from over 145 years earlier & erase everything she had experienced since. Katherine beseeched me to reveal the truth – suggesting eternal life could become our defining moment if recognized at an earlier point in our existences.
  • Concerned that my voice might sound accusatory, I asked my partner “So do you want to stop worrying & start living your lives more fully – all it took was one simple switch for relief. Together we needed to stop worrying & begin living.

The Vampire Diaries (season 3) Damon Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries (season 3) Damon Salvatore
  • “What if I was inappropriate?” You might be asking yourself “why bother learning how to knock?”
  • No, Elena. Stop searching for Stefan & abandon any hope he might return home. waiting only serves to waste more of your life – not that he ever will anyway.”
  • “Happy birthday Elena.” I wish. Stefan tragically killed Andie this date back in 2005 & cake would definitely make this special celebration more festive.
  • “What’s Elena’s big plan here?” I inquire. “Are we just walking past werewolf campfires, toasting marshmallows & waiting for Stefan?”
  • “Recall how it felt when my brother was gone & how you comforted him when he returned from the brink. Good night,” Elena is reminded.
  • Elena recalls, “Chicago was a vast metropolis. Stefan was an arrogant braggart who seemed quite unpleasant. yet I could stay clear from him while still eating Daisy Buchanans.”
  • “Gloria.” Her husband exclaims in dismay. “Damn. If only I knew.” Gloria laughed quietly to herself at his remarks & his heart-rending reaction.
  • “Let us have an epic farewell tonight.” Stefan proclaims with a cheerful grin, “& let’s have one last celebration together.
  • Thank you.” “Please accept our thanks & appreciation.”

The Vampire Diaries (season 4) Damon Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries (season 4) Damon Salvatore
  • “But you wouldn’t.” Elena exclaims, & you would have had the chance to grow & live the life that was always meant for you – earned. Even though I may not always get what I want for you, Elena, if not for selfishness I would’ve given everything away & let Matt die if possible – something which you knew already as this wasn’t even remotely the first night we met.” But of course we all wish for more but let go”, Elena replies before adding with laughter “but who am I kidding?. Why don’t we all just remember our first meeting?”
  • Stefan advises, stating he must “cross his fingers that she doesn’t love Bambi.” damon salvatore rule 34
  • “Can you believe it?” Alaric exclaims incredulously as he observes floating lanterns as signs that time has slipped by, only for him to find out they weren’t Japanese lanterns – do any of you even know what those are?” he asks the children as though lighting candles, praying or pretending Elena won’t become as bloodthirsty vampire as everyone else will make things any easier.
  • “Yes,” Damon was thinking to himself, “it makes them feel better, but that doesn’t answer the question. does it really make any difference if only for a minute or so?” When someone close to us passes on, nothing can replace that emptiness in life that was once filled by them. no amount of comforting words will bring back someone so dear. all else matters less when their loved one was taken from you.
  • I came across a stone with the wrong birthdate carved on it.
  • Despite knowing I should’ve left by now, you kept me here so I could babysit for you – remember how I didn’t get the girl? Now here I am fighting with my brother over caring for their kids. truly you owe me an enormous debt.”

The Vampire Diaries (season 5) Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore Season 5
  • Silas lamentseth that “if I hear “doppelganger” one more time, then I am going to have to learn how to spell it.”
  • “Jeremy asks. Don’t fret over it. just conceal her.” Silas wants her so desperately he is willing to enslave a whole town for her, which means we want her even more. Stay out of sight. Silas last saw you with her.” – Damonsalvatore Rule 34
  • “What do you think I am?” Elena asks him. No one, not even an ancient witch or the universe, should dictate my lifestyle or who I love – including you – nor let fate dictate my choices because we share my life together. No one but myself can decide that for me,” Elena replies, adding. “Don’t tell me how to live or love. only myself have any right to dictate how it should go.”
  • Elena poses this question to herself after taking one philosophy class. Are You now Queen of Nature versus Nurture Debates?
  • “Lady Anne Boleyn,” he responded with shock. No-one would ever remove such an exquisite head? No one,” was his answer to Elena’s amazement.
  • “Katharine Pierce would never wish for you to feed the maggots that feed upon her flesh,” Nadia tells her with an amused laugh, adding in sorrow. “But you won’t return her.”
  • “I would love for you to stay for dinner, but I am unfamiliar with traveling cuisine,” Markos was informed by her. “But rest assured there will definitely be plenty of trail mix & gruel available.”
  • Sorry but, even if I wanted to apologize, you wouldn’t be able to hear me & therefore, I will refrain.

The Vampire Diaries (season 6) Damon Salvatore

  • Elena describes your exchange between yourself & Elena as the interaction of “two sides of yourself, with you being more rational while they debate with someone more unhinged – something which serves as proof that they may both have gone mad”.
  • Bonnie acknowledges the peculiar nature of our current timeline, yet suggests, “Have you considered that maybe my negative reactions against myself might simply be your negativity?”
  • Bonnie stresses, “it would not be fair or appropriate for anyone else to refer to me by my nickname. that wouldn’t fit into my style…as proof. This suspiciously filled-out crossword may very well belong to you.”
  • He continues to tell Kai. if I do not understand your plans here & know who or what you are then I must act.” Kai becomes terrified as this man begins making threats of violence. ‘Kai get out. ‘
  • Kai pleads, “Please, what are our options for exiting this Twilight Zone?”
  • “Your presence here was due to my belief that you could help us escape, yet your lack of solutions leaves us feeling like orphans with jam on their fingers.”
  • “Stefan, why don’t you ask?” She replies that this stuff is fine but does not include her statement “I see dead people”. Brother though it has been an eventful journey… Yes Stefan… I am back.”
  • “Stefan,” she begs. Our eyes will lock, fireworks will ignite & nature’s equilibrium will return – she has fallen madly in love with me. To this I reply. she seems completely charmed with me.
  • “Although Alaric took away so much from our relationship, please tell me at least some of it will soon return – at least some.” Imagining such an outcome helped her overcome these past six months with more optimism than usual.

The Vampire Diaries (season 7) Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore Season 7
  • “For an instant, all I could think about was how wonderful it would be to embrace Elena back. By second two, however, it had already come time for us to part.
  • “Yes, Bonnie. I understand the three second interval.”
  • “Let me be perfectly clear. I intend on taking over the main bedroom,” Stefan announces, noting his romantic history with Carol Lockwood who may prefer that I occupy it instead of Tyler who recently went out with Jeremy for months now – that is awesome news.”
  • “Don’t worry.” Stefan assured his damsel-in-distress. He would contact the registrar’s office quickly in order to identify who owned their house so we can assassinate that individual, storm the castle, & rescue his damsel from distress.
  • “Too bad that burning that guy wouldn’t do Lily any good,” Bonnie lamented. I want her back the love & affection she has long craved – Julian. As soon as Lily runs into Julian’s arms to experience true bliss, then Bonnie wanted Julian dead. both to break his spirit & subdue his willpower. ultimately “to destroy her completely.”
  • “Hello Bonnie Bennett. All alone in Crazytown, I felt more & more lonely as time progressed.
  • “Damon hesitates before responding that it appears his mother has brought back an old flame from long-dead days of dating.

The Vampire Diaries (season 8) Damon Salvatore

After an unexpected & brief hiatus (yay.), The Vampire Diaries has returned & not let down fans. Now that Damon & Stefan have turned off their humanity switches & joined Cade’s service, viewers were finally exposed to all their less-than-human acts directly.

Stefan is truly terrible when he acts badly. I found his behavior disgusting throughout this episode & am eager to see more about their excursions with him. Damon struggled between good intentions & genuine goodness throughout, leaving many doubting their genuineness.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 – ‘Move On’ Promo [HD]

Song: Clooney – It’s Over Moving on is easier said than done. TVD Season 6 premieres Thursday, Oct. 2 at 8/7c. The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Official Description: Season five of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES began with a sense of hope for Elena (Nina Dobrev). After a passionate summer with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Elena headed to Whitmore College with Caroline (Candice Accola), not knowing that Bonnie (Kat Graham) sacrificed her life to save Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen).

A Tease Scene with Damon

Elena & Damon shared an immediate bond, made stronger when Damon teased her. This scenario repeated itself frequently. as Elena attempted to make things work with Stefan, Damon used tease shows as leverage against Elena. even asking “Are you here just for entertainment or?”. Everyone present enjoyed every second. It was truly thrilling.

If you love Damon Salvatore from “The Vampire Diaries,” these adorable anime cuties will definitely delight.


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