How to Change color widgets on iOS 14/15 | iPadOS 15

Color widgets: Apple is never a failure to create hype, be it about its devices or its software offerings. In the case of iOS 14/15, iOS 14/15 has been outstanding in performance. Additionally, it offers an incredible amount of flexibility in customization. Users can customize their home screens however they feel comfortable. The widgets available under iOS 14/15 have received a significant upgrade. In addition, you can also alter the colour of widgets in devices like your iPhones or iPad operating on the most recent version of iOS 14/15 or iPadOS 14/15.

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can alter the widgets on your devices by changing the shades. It will look attractive and give you a feeling of individuality. The idea is to use an app available from the App store to alter the colour of the iPad or the iPhone’s widgets. I’ve provided all the steps that are simple to carry out. Let’s begin the tutorial.

Change Color widgets on iOS 14/15

How to Change color widgets on iOS 14/15 | iPadOS 15
  • Start by downloading/installing the Color Widgets app from the App Store
  • Launch the App
  • There are a variety of styles and colours for widgets.
  • Pick the colour that you are drawn to
  • You can then modify the background and font styles following your preferences.
  • To design a font that is custom and themeing, you can use Edit Widget. Edit widget option.
  • Once you’ve finished the modification, click to set the widget.

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Instead of having a simple widget, you can set the background for a device with an image that you want to use on your iPad or iPhone. The widget’s details will appear over the background picture.

Adding the Colorful Widget to Home Screen

Now that we’re done customizing our widget’s colour background, theme, and colour, Let’s place the device on the main screen on the iPhone and iPad.

  • Long press into the space on the home screen to start the Jiggle mode.
  • On the left or right edge on the right or left side, you will find a plus icon. Click it to activate it.
  • Go to Color Widgets app
  • Select the Widget size > click on to add the widget

The app is incredible when we consider the variety of colour options and theme customization it gives. But, at present, it is only able to support one kind of widget, which includes dates, times, and battery levels. I hope that shortly, it supports more inventive widget designs and offer more comprehensive different widget components.

It’s about how to change the colour of your widget for iOS 14 or iPadOS 14/15. Try it out If you’re looking to alter the appearance of your devices.

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