Brad Gerstner Net Worth: Founder and CEO of Altimeter Capital

Brad Gerstner Net Worth: Brad Gerstner founded technology-focused financing firm Altimeter Capital and invested in several of the top technology firms over time, while becoming well known for his technological knowledge and investment acumen.

Brad Gerstner started his investment banking career at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ). While at DLJ he co-founded National Leisure Group which Travelocity then bought for $1.1 billion; following its sale he established Altimeter Capital which invested in Uber, Airbnb, Stripe & Snowflake technology companies; also spearheading an Opendoor $400 Million venture venture venture led by him later that same year.

Brad Gerstner Net Worth

Brad Gerstner Net Worth: He has a estimated net worth of $1-2 billion dollars currently. He started Altimeter Capital in 2008, which managed $18 billion in June 2022. Airbyte and Discord and Benchling and Cerebras and Chainalysis and Checkout and OpenSea and Hopin and Plaid are among the firm’s top assets in the past two years. Gerstner led a Series C investment in Snowflake, the biggest software IPO of 2020. June 2022 market cap was $65 billion.

Brad Gerstner Net Worth

Personal Life of Brad Gerstner

Brad Gerstner Net Worth: Brad Gerstner keeps his personal life secret. He studied finance at Kansas University. Brad Gerstner is married and has 3 children. He values family and work-life harmony according to reports. Gerstner is a sports fan and supports the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas Wildcats.

Brad Gerstner Age

Born May 4th 1971, 51 year-old Brad Gerstner has long been known for his skill as an American investor andhedge fund manager. Many fans may wonder what height Brad stands at; below you can find this information as well as stay tuned with us for any latest updates.

Brad Gerstner is an eminent American investor and hedge fund manager born on 4 May 1971. Over his long and prosperous career, he has amassed significant wealth. To give a sense of his physical dimensions, he stands 182 cm and weighs (180lbs/82kg). For further insight, please read through this entire article to gain more knowledge of Brad Gerstner.

Brad Gerstner is an American businessman and investor born on 4 May 1971 in Goshen, Indiana, United States. He attended the University of Michigan to obtain a degree in computer engineering. After graduating, Gerstner worked for a technology consulting firm before attending Harvard Business School to obtain his MBA. Subsequently, he launched his financial career by becoming a strategy consultant with Boston Consulting Group.

Gerstner then worked as a private equity investor at Carlyle Group, specializing in technology and telecommunications investments. In 2001, Gerstner founded Altimeter Capital – a technology-focused investment firm. Through Altimeter, Gerstner has successfully invested in companies like Facebook, Airbnb and Uber; additionally serving on multiple board of director positions such as Expedia, Zillow Group and Cloudera.

Brad Gerstner Nationality

After conducting our recent inquiry, it has come to our attention that Brad Gerstner hails from America. Nationality is a badge of honor earned through hard work and professional accomplishment, so the recognition an individual receives may reflect back upon their place of origin, prompting even greater interest among their admirers who seek to know who represents it best. With all this in mind, many are naturally curious as to the nationalities of those they hold in high regard – especially luminaries and icons they hold close.

Brad Gerstner began his financial career at Boston Consulting Group as a strategy consultant before transitioning into private equity investing with Carlyle Group specializing in technology and telecom investments. Subsequently, in 2001 he established Altimeter Capital which focused on technology investments like Facebook, Airbnb and Uber; also serving on their Boards of Trustees respectively as Expedia Zillow Group Cloudera among others. Furthermore, Mr. DeSantis currently sits on numerous company boards of directors including Expedia Zillow Group Cloudera as well as others such as Children’s Hospital Foundation in St Louis Missouri.

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