STAR GONE Brad Johnson dead at 62: Melrose Place & Always actor

Brad Johnson, Dead at 62: Brad Johnson, the well-known actor, died at the age of 62 due to complications from COVID.

The actor was most known for his work on Melrose Place and on the big screen, which included collaborations with iconic director Steven Spielberg.

He was well-known for his roles on both the small and big screens, including one in a Steven Spielberg picture.

Brad’s rep, Linda McAlister, told The Hollywood Reporter that he died in Fort Worth, Texas, of COVID.

He was a Renaissance man in every sense of the word. Brad was not only interested in, but also gifted in, all life had to offer. ” His family wrote an obituary for him.

Brad Johnson dead at 62
Brad Johnson dead at 62

“Despite the fact that he was gone far too soon, he enjoyed life to the fullest.”

Brad Johnson dead at 62

It came to this conclusion:”… Brad was a force to be reckoned with. Brad was a true friend, a trustworthy coworker, and a loving husband and father who will never be forgotten, and his legacy will go on. “

He has a long list of credits, including starring alongside Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss in the 1989 fantasy drama Always, directed by the man behind classics like Jaws and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.

The film is a remake of A Guy Named Joe, which was released in 1943.

Brad, on the other hand, appeared in a number of other films, including filmmaker John Milius’ Flight of the Intruder in 1991.

He played the titular character in the 1993 miniseries Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times, and he returned to the role in Lone Justice 2 in 1995, and subsequently in Lone Justice: Showdown at Plum Creek in 1996.

Brad Johnson dead at 62
Brad Johnson dead at 62

Brad began his acting career in the professional rodeo circuit in 1984, where he was discovered by a casting director looking for cowboys for a beer commercial.

As a result of this, Brad was cast as the Marlboro Man in several commercials and advertisements for the cigarette brand as a result of this.

He has starred in a number of Calvin Klein commercials.

Laurie, his 35-year-old wife, and their children, Shane, Bellamy, Rachel, Eliana, Eden, Rebekah, Annabeth, and William, survive him.


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