BGMI could return to Google Play in April 2024

BGMI could return to Google Play in April 2024: According to Section 69A of India’s Information Technology Act, the country prohibited Krafton’s BGMI game in July. It was at that time that Kraft’s CFO acknowledged the decision and proposed collaborating with authorities to lessen the ban. It looks like months have passed, but finally the game is coming back to the Play Store!

During a livestream, Predatorsasuke reportedly told Pratik Jogiya of the Alpha Clashers channel. He revealed his employment at Google and gave a rough due date for his next visit. On April 15, the game will supposedly resume, as claimed by a purported Google employee. Despite the fact that this isn’t the game’s official release date, you should be able to get it soon.

BGMI could return to Google Play

BGMI could return to Google Play in April 2024

This was confirmed by another popular YouTube channel, Hector Gaming, during a broadcast. When asked about it, Sohail Shaikh of Hector Gaming said April was when the game would be back, according to Google. The source was identified as “someone key in the Google community; he is someone in a leadership position,” he said.

These two reports suggest that BGMI’s revival is on the horizon. It’s expected to arrive on April 15th, however it could arrive sooner, according to our sources. In the coming days, additional details about this matter will likely become accessible.

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