Roblox Game Genre: Genre-based searching is returning


Roblox Game Genre: Horror, adventure, and other Roblox game styles are returning soon. Roblox game styles are back to the world’s most famous gaming site to help you try something new. The genre tab was popular with players and makers, and the publisher hopes bringing it back will help lesser-known games find room on an increasingly busy explore page.

Roblox Game Genre: If you didn’t know, Roblox’s new game discovery process is complicated, with only the title and art to determine a game’s type. It has many types of games, from obby games to anime-inspired escapades, so a theme tab would make finding new games easy.

Roblox Game Genre

Roblox Game Genre is coming back

Roblox Game Genre: Bloxy News reported the update over the weekend, but developers will be able to use the theme tab to target audiences seeking for those types of experiences. The groups update should appear on your explore tab when it launches.


Roblox HQ is making many changes, including reintroducing styles. We revealed last week that Roblox is adding age grades to allow more adult games. Big brands are also creating content for Roblox, demonstrating its influence on the next generation.
That all covers on Roblox game genre back.

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