Amouranth Body Pillow 2024: She is selling an Anime Body Pillow

Amouranth Body Pillow: Amouranth is a prominent streamer recognised for her ability to advertise her attractive looks. Now she’s selling anime body pillows of herself.
The popular Twitch broadcaster Amouranth is selling a body pillow of herself as an anime character. The price left some stunned. Amouranth is lovely and one of the largest broadcasters on Twitch, thus her followers are eager to pay for the body pillow.

The 29-year-old streamer from Houston, Texas introduced the new pillow two days before Christmas. While the quantity is limited, they haven’t sold out as of yet. As a Twitch content provider, she’s comparable to Pink Sparkles or Belle Delphine, whose feeds target a predominantly male audience.

Amouranth Body Pillow: Twitch broadcaster Amouranth introduced the anime-style body cushion on Twitter with a link to her business. “Have you ever wished to snuggle up with Waifu Amouranth? Now’s your chance! “the body pillow’s retail page declares. The body cushion is 1.5 metres long and 45 cm broad with a life-size design of Amouranth in her underwear against a white backdrop.

Amouranth Body Pillow: Price and Everything

Amouranth Body Pillow

Amouranth Body Pillow: Her painting style is simplistic and cartoony, likening her to Orihime from Bleach. According to streamers on Twitter, this pillow was “EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION.” Due to high demand and large size, this cushion cost $120; due to this being an “extremely limited edition”, they anticipate no future deliveries within eight months due to an extraordinary low supply level of such pillows on store websites.

Amouranth Body Pillow: Amouranth is an online streaming personality who uses her site to advertise herself as a model, similar to CinCinBear or Tara Babcock, yet stands apart through having amassed over 6 Million Followers and 400 Million Views since starting streaming herself playing Pokemon or Grand Theft Auto; in 2018, though, Amouranth saw significant gains after offering more ASMR broadcasts or “Just Chatting.”

Amouranth recently divorced her violent ex-husband who forced her to work and sought to control and manipulate her money. Some admirers were taken aback that Amouranth was dating, yet according to him they kept it under wraps so as not to ruin his company. Now that they’ve parted ways she can function independently so people know where their donations should be sent – Amouranth needs everyone’s help now more than ever!

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