Zombie Tag Codes (January 2023): Get Free Coins

Zombie Tag Codes: New January 2023 Zombie Tag Codes for Roblox. The newest Roblox Zombie Tag Codes have been revealed for the popular game housed on the Roblox gaming platform. Are you a fan of the game Zombie Tag who has been wondering where to find Roblox January 2023 Zombie Tag Codes? Get some sleep and chill out. What you’re worrying about is easily fixed by us. Below you’ll find the latest Roblox Zombie Tag Codes for January 2023 plus the answers to any queries you may have about these codes. If you keep reading, you’ll find out how to take your gaming to the next level.

Zombie Tag Codes

About: Roblox Zombie Tag Game

Zombie tag, also called zombie dodgeball or zombie infection, is a version of the kids’ game tag that is played on a school playground or other open area. It is usually played with a group of kids or teens. One or more players are “zombies,” and the rest are “humans.” The goal of the game is for the humans not to get tagged by the zombies, while the zombies try to tag as many humans as they can. People can defend themselves by throwing foam balls or other soft objects at the zombies to “stun” them and stop them from tagging more people. If a zombie tags a person, that person turns into a zombie, and the game keeps going until all the people have been turned into zombies or until a certain amount of time has passed.

Zombie Tag Codes (Active)

Here’s a look at a list of all the currently available codes:

  • chapter2 – Redeem for 150 Brains!
  • birdcoins – Redeem for 50 Coins!
  • birdbrains – Redeem for 50 Brains!
  • oofbama – Redeem for 50 Brains!

Zombie Tag Codes (Expired)

  • None

How Can I Redeem Zombie Tag Codes?

To redeem your active codes, please follow the instructions below. These codes may have a time limit, so be careful to use them as soon as possible. Players should also remember that each code can only be used once.

  • Get into the game
  • Find the board with the discount code.
  • Put in the codes.
  • Press the use button.


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