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Slime Isekai Memories Tier List (June 2023): Top Characters


Slime Isekai Memories Tier List (June 2023): Looking for guidance on selecting characters for your Slime Isekai Memories team? Our tier ranking helps you pick the best. This guide is updated frequently to reflect character releases and balancing changes, so bookmark it.

Slime Isekai Memories is a mobile gacha game based on the popular anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. The game offers a video game adaptation of the anime’s storyline, as well as exclusive original stories. Fans of the anime can explore the nation of Tempest and interact with familiar characters, and the building system enables players to upgrade the nation as they progress through the game. Combat in the game features skill ability animations from beloved characters, making battles intense and exciting.

Slime Isekai Memories Tier List

Slime Isekai Memories Tier List

A tier list is a ranking of various characters from greatest to worst. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on a weak character therefore this can be useful when deciding who to level up. Typically list are ranked from S (the best) to D (the worst) tier.

S Tier List

Character NameAliases
Milim NavaDragonoid, The Enthusiastic Player, The Dragon Fist
Masked HeroTime Traveler
DiabloThe Black Progenitor, Ebony Demon
Veldora TempestStorm Dragon, Seal Releaser
TreyniBudding of Deep Green
Elemental ColossusBellicose Dragoneye
ShunaHoly Princess
SoueiSpy in Shadows
Orc DisasterStarved
IfritBurning Spirit
HakurouInstructor of Flashing Sword

A Tier List

BerettaArch Golem
ShizueConqueror of Flames
RangaTempest Star Wolf
ShionSteel Annihilator
RamirisFairy of the Labyrinth
CharybdisSwimming Calamity
Hinata SakaguchiCaptain of the Holy Knights
Milim NavaOne of the Oldest Demon Lords
Milim NavaDragon Majin
Milim NavaDelighter in Everyday Life
Milim NavaManifestation of the Dragon
Milim NavaThe Proud Dragon Demon Lord
Luminus ValentineQueen of Yule
SoueiSuccessful Shinobi
Leon CromwellThe Flashing Blade
Leon CromwellThe Platinum Devil
SalamanderThe Flame Master
GabiruWaving Spear
BenimaruSamurai General of Hellfire
Veldora TempestThe True Butler
Guy CrimsonLord of Darkness
Guy CrimsonThe Beginning
Rimuru TempestLord of Wisdom
Rimuru TempestChancellor of Tempest
Rimuru TempestHarmonizer of Monsters and Humans
GobtaCaptain of the Goblin Riders
Gazel DwargoKing of an Armed Nation
Sky DragonSoaring Dragon Calamity
ShunaExcellent Tailor

B Tier List

Character NameTitle/Description
GobtaHobgoblin Ascendant
HakurouWhite Slash
TryaSummer Breeze of Benevolence
FreyThe Sky Queen
RamirisThe Creator
Gard MjolmireThe Competent Merchant
ShunaPink Ogre Princess
Rimuru TempestSwordsmanship Forge
Psychic ElfFortune Teller
GarmThe Armor Artisan
Shizue IzawaDate Night Beauty
BenimaruSamurai General of Hellfire
BenimaruCrimson Ogre Warrior
Veldora TempestProud Kin of Dragons
PhobioLeopard Fang
Alice RondoGolem Master
KaijinThe Forge Artisan
GobuichiThe Hobgoblin Chef
Light SpiritHeroic Conductor
GelmudSecret Operator
Yuuki KagurazakaGrandmaster
Rimuru TempestThe Master of Maids
Rimuru TempestReincarnated
Rimuru TempestAwakened Demon Lord
RangaTempest Star Wolf
DaggrullProud Giant Fist

C Tier List

SoueiInstant Spy
RigurdHobgoblin Monarch
MyulanLeisurely Lady
Gale GibsonEarth Spirit Lodger
AlbisThe Golden Serpent
GeldOrc King
SoueiBlue Gale
ShionPurple Smash
HakurouWhite Slash
Milim NavaDelighter in Everyday Life
ShunaPink Ogre of Heavenly Light
ShunaThe Holy Sunrise
SuphiaWhite Tiger Claw
Chloe AubertLovely Innocence
KurobeImmobile Black Ogre
KurobeSteel Heart of Forge
BenimaruNext Clan Leader

D Tier List

Ranga(Loyal Wolf)
Kenya Misaki (Heroio Vessel)
Shion (The Bold Servant)
Shion (Ardent Attendant)
Ryota SekiguchiHarmonizer of Insanity and Calm
Myrd (The Construction Artisan)
Benimaru (Valiant Kijin)
Butterflies of the Night OwnerBewitching Shopkeeper
Haruna (The Affectionate Hobgoblin)
Dord (The Skilled Artisan)

How Did We Choose These Slime Isekai Memories Tier List?

In order to create accurate tier lists, we immerse ourselves in the game itself. This gives us the opportunity to compile a genuine, thought-out list. To improve the game for future players, we study your in-game experiences. We compile player comments with our own expert analysis to produce a definitive ranking of the top characters in the game.


In this page we have covered the Slime Isekai Memories Tier List which can help you select your strongest characters for combat and defense.


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