BO2 Zombie Maps: List of All Zombie Maps

BO2 Zombie Maps: For Call of Duty Black Ops II, there are three tiny zombies maps, however while playing TranZit mode, they all link to become one large area.

BO2 Zombie Maps: Original Zombie Maps

Green Run – TranZit:

BO2 Zombie Maps: TranZit collects Green Run maps and locations. The map begins at Green Run-Bus Depot and ends at Green Run-Town. Before beginning, observe two hazard zones. Denizens will attack if you enter the mist. Avoid lava from earth fissures. Players who contact lava will be harmed, while zombies who touch lava may explode when slain.

Green Run – Bus Depot:

BO2 Zombie Maps: TranZit’s first stop is the Bus Depot. TranZit players move between areas. TranZit mode takes players through many Green Run regions; check the Green Run page for a walkthrough.

In Survival mode, the Bus Depot is a significantly smaller area with little to accomplish. Start at the Bus Depot lobby. Guard 2 weapons and 4 barricades. 750 points opens the entrance to the station’s outside.
Two additional weapons and a Mystery Box are outside the station.

Beware of groundfire and lava. Touching it damages players. When fired or meleed, zombies who contact it will catch fire and explode.

Green Run – Town:

BO2 Zombie Maps: Green Run Town is one of five map places. TranZit Green Run. Town may be played on Survival or Grief.

Lava covers much of town. Touching lava will burn and injure a player. A zombie that touches lava will burst into flames when shot or meleed.

Green Run – Farm:

BO2 Zombie Maps: Farm is one of five Green Run sites. TranZit Green Run. Farm may be played on Survival or Grief.

Lava covers most of the property. Touching lava will burn and injure a player. A zombie that touches lava will burst into flames when shot or meleed.

BO2 Zombie Maps

BO2 Zombie Maps: DLC Zombie Maps

As DLC, or downloadable content, there are even more zombies maps available for purchase. The names of the zombie maps are listed in the bullet points, while the name of the map pack appears in the header.

Nuketown Zombies:

BO2 Zombie Maps: Nuketown Zombies is a Black Ops 2 extra map. Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are 186 MB. This is Nuketown from Black Ops 1 converted to zombies.

This map is for Hardened and Care Package Edition buyers. Xbox 360 Season Pass holders get Nuketown Zombies on December 12, 2012. 17 February, PS3 and PC.


Die Rise:

BO2 Zombie Maps: Die Rise is a Revolution Zombies Map. One game mode, however the titles are confusing. This map says “Great Leap Forward – Die Rise” and has buildable equipment like TranZit.

This map shows two destroyed Chinese skyscrapers. One of the two buildings has broken off, making it appear like three. In a pre-match cutscene, the same four Green Run characters return.

Green Run – Diner:

BO2 Zombie Maps: Green Run’s Diner part has a new map. It currently only supports Turned.

This map includes a Gas Station and Diner. No doors, weapons, Mystery Boxes, or Perk-A-Colas in Turned. Simple map.


Alcatraz Island – Mob of the Dead:

BO2 Zombie Maps: Uprising’s major Zombies map is Mob of the Dead (AKA Alcatraz Island). The map depicts 1930s Alcatraz. Ray Liotta, Chazz Palminteri, Joey Pantoliano, and Michael Madsen star.

Alcatraz Island – Cell Block:

BO2 Zombie Maps: Cell Block is Alcatraz Island’s smaller version. It’s just in Grief.

This map depicts Alcatraz jail. Only the Cell Block has this sorrow map. It’s a close quarters map based on cell block catwalks. Don’t get lost by ignoring map signs.


Resolution 1295 – Buried:

BO2 Zombie Maps: Buried is a new Zombies Map in the Vengeance Map Pack. It’s a buried old-west town. It’s one of the early subterranean zombies maps.
The Vulture-Aid Perk-A-Cola Machine and four new Zombies Weapons have been introduced to this level.

Resolution 1295 – Borough:

BO2 Zombie Maps: Resolution 1295 – Borough is part of the Buried map. This map features Turned and Grief.

Small Turned map. Main location surrounding church, walkway near sweet store, and gun shop area. The map is S-shaped. Unopenable doors.
Many structures on Grief may be opened, and some include pathways to other buildings. Weapons, Perk-A-Colas, and the Pack-A-Punch Machine abound.


Excavation Site 64 – Origins:

BO2 Zombie Maps: Origins is a new Zombies map in Apocalypse DLC. It retells the zombies’ genesis narrative. The four original characters meet in France during WWI. The map is mostly trenches and bunkers.

This mappack has new features. Many new map features are described here.

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