Do Villagers Despawn in Minecraft? Easy To Guide July 2024

Minecraft is a Mojang-developed sandbox game where players fight mobs, make homes, and explore new areas to live each day. The strange thing about Minecraft’s passive pack, “Villagers,” however, is that they despawn during play.

This guide can assist you if you are one of the victims. Minecraft villagers make survival much more achievable, typically found in villages, igloo basements or when players heal a zombie villager. Many players affected are now searching online for answers to their natural death: do villagers despawn within a certain distance? Dropped items in Minecraft disappear or despawn after five minutes but arrows and tridents remain embedded for six minutes. Now let’s dive into the details:

Do Villagers Despawn in Minecraft? Easy Tips & Guide

Do Villagers Despawn in Minecraft? Easy Tips & Guide

Many Minecraft players may experience this issue. It could be that villagers have managed to escape from the server glitch or are having issues adjusting. Villagers may despawn if there are no players within 128 blocks of them.

Minecraft mobs that are outside 32 blocks of a player have only a 2.5% chance of spawning every second. While it’s possible for all mobs to disappear except those with very specific despawn times, it isn’t particularly common.

Yes! Villagers do not have specific despawn times and should not vanish by themselves. Unexpected issues can occur due to an in-game glitch or any other bugs; unfortunately, these are quite common nowadays. Furthermore, you might not be able to keep every villager alive at all times due to multiple causes of death.

  • Lightning can strike Minecraft villagers and transform them into witches, before they are despawned.
  • They can also be killed by hostiles.
  • Closed doors made it difficult to breathe.
  • Their Artificial Intelligence (AI), which could cause them to starve and potentially even result in their deaths, would render Iron Golem farms non-operative.
  • There are plenty more.

Minecraft villager are immortal in old age, except when they die from explosions, zombies or other players. So how can you ensure they live to their fullest?

Zombie Villagers Minecraft

Zombie Villagers are a variant of zombies cured by the normal Golden Apple Villager, except they do not affect weaknesses. They behave as ordinary zombies and cannot be converted, drowned, or immersed. Clerical zombie villagers appear in the Clerical Villager Igloo in the basement just like average zombie villagers in Bedrock Edition and Java Edition respectively.

Zombies are an ever-present threat in Minecraft; no matter the version you have, they emerge from the darkness ready to spread their curse upon any unsuspecting villagers they come across. Depending on the difficulty level, there’s a good chance a villager can defeat a zombie but this becomes less frequent with each passing zombie villager. So whether we want to cure these guys, create more, or ensure they don’t despair, let’s discuss some basic principles for good zombie villagers and what we should pay attention to when creating them.

Villagers should be kept within the Village.

Remember, villager(s) should not wander more than 32 blocks from their original Minecraft village. Otherwise, the game system may ignore or even forget them after six seconds of moving.

Unfortunately, other mobs will quickly dispatch any out-of-range villager(s). Consequently, you only have six seconds to return within reach before they despawn in Minecraft.

Make sure the house shelter is closed correctly.

How ever that does not guarantee there won’t be a roof covering the top or house. Make sure your villager is kept protected from elements and the game system won’t mistakenly think it’s an empty house; otherwise, hostile mobs may spawn there without warning – at which point responsibility for their spawning lies with you.

Keep the area well-lit

Your area’s lighting level can quickly drop to 7 or lower, leaving villagers more vulnerable. Make sure your Village has ample illumination for optimal safety.

Keep Villagers Indoors

To safeguard Minecraft Villagers from outside intrusions, it’s best to keep them inside. It is simple enough for them to remain indoors without opening a door for safety.

Do Minecraft Villagers Respawn?

  1. Unfortunately, dead Minecraft villager don’t automatically respawn like humans do. Most won’t see you again after you die.
  2. If you find your villages empty but you don’t know why, it could be because a mob of zombies has taken out some of your residents.
  3. There are multiple ways to rebuild your villager in the game.

Curing Zombie Villagers

  • To cure zombie villagers, you will need a Splash Potion of Weakness, Lingering Potion of Weakness or Arrow of Weakness.
  • Before you can protect your zombie villager from the sun, you first must transport them to safety. After they’re healed, keep them protected against hostile mobs with a weakness potion or shoot with a tipped bow. Once they become weaker, feed them golden apples until they start shaking and emitting red swirls. This will signal their progress towards wellness.
  • They’ll be back in the village, ready to breed normally again within minutes. If you have kidnapped them, arrange for their transportation back to the town.
  • That’s it, folks. We hope this guide was of some assistance to you.

Breeding Villagers

  • If your village has no villagers left, you can always ‘borrow’ another one that will encourage them to get married. Though this may appear as a form of human trafficking, locking someone away in an empty house with no doors may sometimes help foster some love or breed.
  • Your villagers must be willing to breed. Only “mating mode” will suffice to produce a villager, so to ensure their happiness you should provide beds with at least a two-block clearance around them so the baby villager can jump freely.
  • Alternately, angry particles could appear above their heads with heart particles to stop them from mating.


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