XDefiant Beta Codes (May 2024): How to get?

Ubisoft has developed XDefiant, a new first-person shooter game currently in beta testing, giving players the chance to experience it before its official release by obtaining beta codes from multiple sources (the official website being one option); Twitch streamers playing XDefiant may also offer drops; to increase your chances, follow Ubisoft on social media and keep an eye out for these opportunities as they may provide you with a code! Here’s how you can acquire one via the official website:

XDefiant Beta Codes

How to get XDefiant beta code

Follow these steps to obtain an XDefiant beta code:

  • Search the official XDefiant website using your web browser’s search bar by typing “XDefiant.”
  • Access the beta sign-up page and supply all of the required information.
  • Wait for an invitation email containing the beta code.
  • Install XDefiant on your device by following these instructions.
  • Enter the Beta Code provided in your invitation email when installing.
  • Launch XDefiant as soon as the installation process has ended and begin playing immediately!

XDefiant Beta Twitch comes out

Twitch Drops give you the chance to obtain XDefiant beta codes through Twitch! In order to be eligible for one of these drops, watch at least 30 minutes of one of the participating streamers playing XDefiant on Twitch; find these channels by searching Twitch for “XDefiant” category and looking out for those with “Drops Enabled” in their stream title name.

Prepare for this eventuality by creating and registering with Ubisoft Twitch drops. If using PlayStation or Xbox consoles, connect these directly with Ubisoft accounts before using Twitch Library to grab the XDefiant code after each stream and entering it on Ubisoft website.

How to redeem XDefiant Beta Codes

To start playing your game navigate to the Ubisoft Redeem Codes Page and enter your code into its designated box. Next click “Submit Code” to activate and play your game!

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