Witch on the Holy Night Now Available On Nintendo Switch & PS4

Witch on the Holy Night Now Available On Nintendo Switch & PS4: One of the visual novels developed by Type-Moon is seeing a wider release today. You can now play Witch on the Holy Night digitally on the Switch and PS4.

This is an updated version of the PC version that was released in Japan in 2012. All across the world, you can now get your hands on the updated version, which features improved aesthetics and even animated graphical components.

Witch on the Holy Night Gameplay

Soujyuro Sizuki, a college student, becomes entangled with the lives of two witches in Witch on the Holy Night. Even though the plot is set in the late 1980s, it appears to feature a lot of the magic and rich lore that fans of the Type-Moon series have come to expect.

Witch on the Holy Night Now Available On Nintendo Switch & PS4

You can find the new version of Witch on the Holy Night on the Nintendo eShop here, or on the PlayStation Store here. A trial version is also accessible on both platforms.

Fans Reaction On Release of Witch on the Holy Night

Expanding access to Witch on the HolyNight isn’t the sole motivation for presenting the narrative to fans of the Type-Moon canon. As evidenced by the reactions to Holy Night‘s launch on social media, fans also hope this could encourage Type-Moon to bring more stories over to western audiences.

You may not be aware with Kinoko Nasu, but his works, such as Tsukihime and Fate/stay night, have become massively successful visual novels. Melty Blood fighting games have become increasingly popular, and Fate/Grand Order has helped the former group explode into a powerful faction.

Despite the series’ growing popularity in the West, we still have to wait for the formal introduction of some key elements from the Nasu-verse. North American retailers don’t often stock the original Fate/stay night. And it’s unclear if western viewers will take to the remake of Tsukihime, which was just published. If Witch on the HolyNight is successful, perhaps other works from this universe will follow.

One way or another, today sees the release of a Type-Moon graphic novel, which is cool in and of itself. Switch and PS4 owners can now enjoy Witch on the Holy Night.

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