Where to Find Deralium in Lords of The Fallen?

Find Deralium in Lords of The Fallen: Deralium is an uncommon and highly valuable material in Lords of The Fallen that can be used to upgrade weapons and armor. You may come across it at various points during gameplay; however, early on it can prove challenging to locate.

Tips for finding Deralium in Lords of The Fallen

Here are some tips for finding Deralium in Lords of The Fallen:

  • Explore thoroughly. Deralium may be found in obscure places off the beaten path, so take time to investigate each spot you find it in. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny of each location!
  • Keep an eye out for Deralium fragments. These common pieces of Deralium can often be found dropped by enemies or found within chests.
  • Combat Shuja Warriors. Shuja warriors are enemies that possess an increased likelihood of dropping Deralium fragments, typically found in both the Swamp and Tower of Penance.
  • Kill large enemies to gather Deralium chunks – rarer and more valuable than Deralium fragments! Bosses and mini-bosses in particular will drop this valuable resource more often, so take special care when facing these opponents.
  • Farm Deralium. If you’re having difficulty tracking down Deralium, try farming it instead. One good place for Deralium farming is the Forsaken Fen vestige in the Swamp; Shuja warriors in this area drop Deralium fragments at an impressively fast rate.
Where to Find Deralium in Lords of The Fallen?

Some specific locations where Deralium can be found

Here are a few locations where Deralium can be found:

  • Swamp: Forsaken Fen vestige and Shuja camp near Blacksmith
  • Tower of Penance: Shuja encampment
  • Castle Cainhurst: On a corpse found in a room containing two giant knights
  • Hoist: On a corpse near the lift leading up to the tower.
  • The Catacombs: You will find a chest near where you must face Archdeacon to unlock it and access his room.

Once you have amassed enough Deralium, use it at the Blacksmith to upgrade your weapons and armor for greater power and durability – this can prove especially helpful later in the game!

Additional tips for finding Deralium

Here are some additional tips for finding Deralium:

  • Take advantage of the Umbral Realm for maximum effect. Deralium can be found both in the Living and Umbral Realm, although more frequently in the latter. To gain entry to this realm, use an Umbral Lamp.
  • Use the Lucky Paw item to increase your odds of finding treasure. It is a consumable item which increases the odds of finding loot from enemies and chests; you can find one in Castle Cainhurst Dungeon chests.
  • Put on the Lucky Helm. Wearing this piece of armor increases your odds of finding loot in Hoist dungeon chests.

With some patience and perseverance, you should find all of the Deralium needed to upgrade weapons and armor in Lords of The Fallen.

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