Valley of Remembrance Genshin: Domain Guide

Valley of Remembrance Genshin: The Viridescent Venerer and Maiden Beloved call Windwail Highland in Mondstadt’s Valley of Remembrance home! Along with offering an in-depth walkthrough, this guide also features a directory of artifacts you may come across within their realm.

What is the valley of remembrance genshin?

One could make the case that Valley of Remembrance is one of the key artifact locations within this game. Although relics that have been modified to cause mass destruction are powerful weapons, none has quite as great an effect as Viridescent Venerer’s set. Though Xiao prefers two-piece costumes for his Anemo character, without Swirl activated, four-piece costumes provide necessary benefits in realizing Anemo’s full potential. At least for most healers who take their role seriously, having access to an artifact second artifact is an absolute requirement in most instances of game play. Since I tend to farmed this domain the most often, I’ve developed a strategy which allows me to clear it every time in under 30 seconds – or less!

Valley of Remembrance Genshin

When is a good time to start working this domain?

Like the other artifact dungeons, AR45 is required to enter. It’s the most efficient use of your labor and resin and guarantees a level five artifact every time. Prioritize character leveling, acquiring ascension materials, and, in especially, book collecting to gain access to more powerful abilities. Then, when you reach AR45, get ready to settle in.

Finally, the farm is yours to use with your new artifacts. I pray that the Anemo Archon bestows upon you the fortune necessary to acquire those really rare items. (It took me one hundred attempts in this Domain to unlock the headpiece that deals critical damage.)

Which characters should I play?

Five rather generic foes lie between you and the completion of this realm. The only one to watch out for is the Electro Cicin Mage, who resists electro harm and will force you to flee if she survives long enough, so it’s best to avoid her at all costs. You can have three-quarters of your party members dedicated to damage output. If you have a Venti, that’s the best option for your final team member; if not, Sucrose will do the trick. Bennett’s elemental blast is quite useful, since it allows the group to deal with stationary foes without wasting too much time. In every match, Keqing, Xingqiu, Bennett, and Venti make up my own squad.

What’s the point of putting your resin into this Domain?

The Valley of Remembrance may well be one of the game’s key artifact locations, as optimized artifacts are necessary to achieving high damage output. Of all these artifacts, none is quite as impactful as Viridescent Venerer set: once Swirl goes into effect and 4-Piece benefit kicks in; making this item essential for Anemo characters (Xiao preferring two pieces!); secondary artifacts have always been invaluable healers! I have managed to clear this domain multiple times; read up!


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