Valkyrie Connect Tier List (May 2024) Game Players

Valkyrie Connect Tier List (May 2024): Welcome to our comprehensive Valkyrie Connect Tier List, your ultimate guide to optimizing your gameplay and assembling the most powerful team of heroes! This article will go in-depth on the gameplay elements, prowess and weaknesses of each hero to assist you in making wise choices that can lead you to success.

What is Valkyrie Connect?

A fantasy role playing game called Valkyrie Connect blends breathtaking aesthetics with tactical gameplay and an engrossing plot. In the game players put together a group of heroes each with a special set of talents and powers to take on powerful adversaries. Choosing the strongest heroes can be difficult because there are so many different types of characters accessible. Tier lists are used in this situation.

Valkyrie Connect Tier List

Valkyrie Connect Tier List (May 2024)

Let’s talk about the relevance of the Tier List and how it might influence your strategic decisions before we get into the specific heroes. Heroes are ranked in the Tier List according to how effective and practical they are overall in PvE (Player vs. Environment) fights, PvP (Player vs. Player) tournaments, and monster encounters. It provides insightful information about the metagame and aids in locating the heroes who perform well in various situations.

S Tier

Savior Selene
Nine-Tailed Tamamo
Sunny Summer Noa
Nozel Silva
Byakuya Kuchiki
Catalyst Morphea
Lust Scion Authumla
Kimono Maker Tsumugi
Peaceful Mediator Elineige
Dark Pursuer Alfana
Savior Asuka & Eva New Unit-02a
Catalyst Lodur
Savior Volfa
Restoration God Umukahime
Virtuous Guard Lindworm
Sorceress Rumi
Savior Kaworu
Gallant Wolf Lupus
Raindropper Passo
Gentle Creator Takamimusubi
Truelove Freya
Ghostly Cenia
Vampire Lord Evileye
Savior Buri
Catalyst Ractinia
Angelic Hel
Fuegoleon Vermillion
Vindicator Gryffine
Summer Sands Celestia
Divine Creator Kamimusubi
Illusion Scion Esquire

A Tier

  • Vindicator Gratias
  • Envy Scion Misato
  • Catalyst Sveid
  • Misato & AAA Wunder
  • Mad Pumpkin Mogthrasir
  • Acrobat Kururu
  • Oath God Var
  • King
  • Catalyst Melveryn
  • Wise God Snotra
  • Mari & Eva Unit-08
  • Sun God Asuka
  • Beloved Bowman Etios
  • Summer Scion Frigg
  • Terrible Tornado
  • Mari & Fafnir
  • Lightning God Raika
  • Axe Maiden Elicia
  • Spirit Master Allion
  • Catalyst Shinji
  • Water Wolf Hati
  • Summer Parasol Raspi
  • Jubilant Dielle
  • Moon Bunny Mikane
  • Demiurge
  • Time Knight Chrossy
  • Poetry God Bragi
  • Snowy Bell Reim
  • Honest Thief Mikagura
  • Lethal Bikini Sasha
  • Tamer Aemyna
  • Shining Moon Kaguya
  • Dark Star Helblindi
  • Fortune Fox Fu-Mei
  • Catalyst Mari
  • Cannon Master Canon
  • Spear Knight Geirrod
  • Eve Horn Raspi
  • Imperial Servant Taoyun
  • Mavis Vermillion
  • Mecha Marksman Schutz
  • Apocalyptic Rei
  • Gloxinia
  • Misery Magus Ipsum
  • Innocent Maiden Ciel
  • Elf Queen Quarys
  • Vindicator Levina
  • Vindicator Managarm
  • Chemist Famir
  • Cannon Mama Eleanor
  • Kagamine Rin

B Tier

  • Valkyrie Rei
  • Mermaid Marmalade
  • Seraph Reginleif
  • Cool Summer Radgrid
  • Final Weapon Ultima
  • Catalyst Elm
  • Melveryn (10th Angel)
  • Savior Rei
  • Savior Dinavia
  • Dual Horn Raspi
  • Dark Beast Tamer Luce
  • Mistletoe Wielder Mistel
  • Squirrel Girl Ratatoskr
  • Wandering Observer Kari
  • Envy Scion Esquire
  • Night Conjurer Luka
  • Musician Musika
  • Fox Spirit Izuna
  • Match Girl Elena
  • Valkyrie Radgrid
  • Dancer Nagisa
  • Lethal Bikini Risa
  • Renji Abarai
  • Gambler Ranco
  • Raven God Huginn
  • Magus Ipsum

C Tier

  • Alchemist Matisse
  • Vindicator Hrimthurs
  • Empress Miku-boda
  • Valkyrie Verdandi
  • Valkyrie Hrist
  • Phoenix Vidofnir
  • Catalyst Vios
  • Teasing God Byleist
  • Valkyrie Svipul
  • Hunting God Hodr
  • Zeref
  • Flower Girl Flora
  • Vampire Killer Vendetta
  • Wave Daughter Hronn
  • Disaster Box Dora
  • Spellsword Dielle
  • Raven God Muninn
  • Adventurer Granfelt
  • Kyudoka Mizuki
  • Bomber Pallone
  • Summer Seas Kaguya
  • Disc-Bearer Mona

D Tier

  • Kimono God Vali
  • Ninja Momiji
  • Panda Girl Levin
  • Fate God Vali
  • Madoka Kaname
  • Mai Shiranui
  • Dreameaters Livy & Lo
  • Noble Noebel
  • Cannoneer Canon
  • Succubus Liciela
  • Godmother Yvette
  • Royal Guard Siluria
  • Gunslinger Wolfgang
  • Megurine Luka
  • New Year Ymir
  • 6th Angel
  • Hange
  • Bowman Etios
  • Falconer Arnaud
  • Sweet Summer Urd
  • Thread User Luviria
  • Wondrous Alice
  • Feline Defender Clawdia
  • Kagamine Len
  • Ken


By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each hero in the Valkyrie Connect Tier List you can make well informed decisions when building your team. Remember that team synergy, strategy and individual player skill are crucial factors in achieving success. Continuously experimenting with different hero combinations and staying updated with evolving metagame can give you the edge over your opponents.

Harness the power of your chosen heroes, refine your tactics and strive for greatness in Valkyrie Connect! Good luck on your journey to becoming a legendary hero!

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