The Last of us Season 2: HBO Confirms

The Last of us Season 2: The Last of Us’ two episodes have shown other video game adaptations how to achieve it. The show, starring Bella Ramsay and Pedro Pascal as Ellie and Joel, is shattering HBO records and demonstrating that the 2013 game’s plot can translate to live-action and that clicker-packed action can lure viewers.

Though we’re loving it, viewers are asking what’s next for the programme. The Last of us Season 2? Will it follow The Last of Us Part II? Could it be a Game of Thrones?

We may now know what’s next.

Will “The Last of Us” Part II follow Season 2?

The Last of us Season 2: The Last of Us Part II takes set several years after the previous game, thus it’s unclear whether the series will follow its events.

The most likely scenario is that HBO would recast Ellie, since it would take a long time for her to mature into the game’s Ellie. The programme may not even follow the contentious game and instead concentrate on new characters, as the current series is planning to do.

The Last of us Season 2

The Last of Us deserves to be enormous, and we’re blessed to experience it in live-action. Whether it’s contentious or not, whatever happens next will be enormous. Bring it.

The Last of us Season 2, confirmed by HBO

The Last of us Season 2: Only a few episodes into its first season, HBO’s The Last of Us series has received formal confirmation that a second season will be produced.

HBO’s official Twitter account posted a teaser video announcing the news with the line, “The journey continues.”

The Last of us Season 2: Although it is rather surprising that HBO would make this news so early in the first season, it is difficult to criticise them considering the enormous amount of excitement that has surrounded the programme and the astounding sales figures that the programme has so far achieved.

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