Thank you coronavirus helpers | Google

Thank you coronavirus helpers :Due to the ‘coronavirus warriors worldwide, There is the possibility of light and optimism in these challenging, dark times. Although the majority of the world is locked down, however, it’s those working in vital services or as volunteer workers who’ve ensured that everything is running and often put their lives in danger. To express their gratitude, Google has honoured diverse businesses by featuring the names on its main page.

Thank you coronavirus helpers | Google

“Like all of our doodles, we hope the series allows assistants everywhere to feel seen, heard and valued and that there will be a light at the end of what feels like a long tunnel for all to remember,” Jessica Yu, Doodle Team Lead, posted on her blog in which she summed up the two-week-long extraordinary Doodle Seer.

thank you coronavirus helpers | Google Watch the animated doodle here:

The animated doodles- a total of 10 in all – were created in a manner where the “G” represents a community who expresses their love in the last letter designed to look like an industry. The majority of professionals were created with masks in mind when doing social distancing.

The animated show the company claims it has created a “real-time doodle series focusing on a single theme” for the first time in this relatively short time.

From the cleaning staff to medical experts, The tech company attempted to recognize all people for whom there is no way for the world to function. Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai took to Twitter to announce the start of the series on the 6th of April.

Coronavirus symptoms of the disease treatment

Doodle for scientists and researchers, medical professionals, and other medical professionals.

thank you coronavirus helpers | Google

The series started with an ad dedicated to public health specialists and researchers within the science community. It later included emergency service personnel. The two last letters of its logo were a firefighter and a police officer.

Doodle for people who work in grocery stores, farmers Food industry

The company also praised those who are often ignored or not given the proper recognition. Recognizing the vital work performed by all sanitation and detention workers, the tech giant pointed out the “efforts are vital for those on the frontline and those at home.” People all over the world are grateful to sanitation workers for their work.

In the program, the company also honoured those who helped make the practice of “Farm to Table” feasible during the pandemic that swept the globe, from saluting farmers and farm workers who work tirelessly to ensure that there’s enough food for the workers at the stores and store workers.

Google has also worked to improve the distribution industry to ensure this supply chain is functioning. It also included workers in the food industry who, although usually not allowed to dine in, focus on delivery options.

While schools have been shut down and students are being kept at home, teachers are not removed from their duties since online classes continue to be offered across the globe.

The sketch depicts a teacher wearing glasses and a blue mortarboard, and a gown instructing video conferencing. While in previous drawings of the series, the face of the person providing the service was covered by masks, highlighting that it was essential to have a show, but the professor didn’t wear a mask, and he was at home.

In its blog post, the company said that they didn’t just have service workers in mind when they began the chain since it is influenced by the many people who have helped others in small ways with actions of generosity.

“Beyond all the work of vital workers, “help” is more than an idea, a dream or an unorthodox act. Help has become an integral part of our everyday lives.”

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