Tek Replicator In ARK: How to Unlock the Tek Replicator?

Tek Replicator In ARK: The Tek Replicator is a useful tool, and this tutorial will show you how to get it once you’ve completed ARK: Extinction. To gain access, all you need to do is follow the directions here.

Killing titans is a prerequisite for gaining access to the Tek replicator. After you kill the desert titan, you can use the Tek Replicator, the Tek Generator, the Tek Boots, and the Tek Railgun. To decipher these engrams, the desert titan is the most straightforward method. You’ll need to go to the city terminal once you get the engram so that you can create it.

Tek Replicator In ARK

How to Unlock the Tek Replicator?

The city terminal is where you can produce goods, while the titan terminal is the only site to make a tek replicator. Once you reach the cave’s back, you’ll see a titan terminal based on a huge pedal sil; enter the terminal, pick the Structure folder, then the Crafting folder; within this section, you’ll find a tek replicator, as depicted in the figure below.

Tek Replicator In ARK

In order to make it, you will need 150 black pearls, 600 firearms, 5000 medals, 100 elements, and 800 polymers. Gather these items as you make your way through the cave to construct the tek replicator.

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