Tales of Grimm Tier List February 2023 New Update

If you need the Tales of Grimm Tier List 2023, you’ve come to the right place! You’ve come to the correct place, since I’ve included the whole Tales of Grimm character rankings here.

The finest narrative from the Gacha RPG Tales of Grimm undoubtedly lives on in our memory, much like a good story does even after the last page has been turned in a book. There’s a lot to like about this game: the stylised visuals are evocative of Tim Burton and Do not Starve, the story is an original spin on many classic fairy tales, the gameplay is enjoyable, and the atmosphere is chill.

But with so many one-of-a-kind playable characters and mythical creatures in the game, it might be difficult to decide who to bring along on your harrowing journey through the realm of Ozzy. To help you find your way, we’ve compiled a list of the top characters in each class in Tales of Grimm and ranked them from best to worst.

Order of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales for the Year 2023

Within the four categories that best describe each character in Tales of Grimm. To successfully counter certain opponents’ talents, picking the right line-up configuration is one of the most crucial aspects of the game.

Tales of Grimm Tier List September 2022 New Update

One defender character should be in the lead, followed by two support characters, in the main configuration. At level 20, you have access to a unique configuration that enables you to deploy two guardian heroes in the front lines, but only allows for one support.

Consequently, we have created a distinct tier list for each job in Tales of Grimm, so you can always rely on the greatest possible pick. Also included is a brief explanation of what each character class does in the game.

the Grimms’ fairy tales Guardian Tier List (Best Guardian)

Guardians are the tank class in the Tales of Grimm game. They are really sturdy and powerful, able to absorb a lot of harm to foes. Although they have trouble with speedier opponents since they are not as mobile as warriors.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
ShahryarTier – S
Dark Knight, Quasi Mortal, TritonTier – A
Genie Cuya, FedernTier – B
Bean SageTier – C
Hans in Luck, HookhandTier – D

Tier System for Warriors in Grimm Tales (Best Warrior)

Warriors from the Tales of Grimm are the most powerful melee attackers, capable of doing massive damage up close. The presence of both supports and guardians on their in-game squad is crucial to their success.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
Prince CharmTier – S
Blade Gina, Dark Queen, Fencer Pedro, Yuri Schnee, Glade Laddin, Red Queen, Wukong, Quickcut PinnoTier – A
Rogue Jack, Swift Ali, Lil PrinceTier – B
Princess Ophelia, Prince Adam, Madman Gatton, GerdeTier – C

Magicians in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Rank Ordered (Best Mage)

Mages are as similar as warriors in Tales of Grimm game, but instead of in-game mele battling, they really deliver harm from a distance. They have poor defence but powerful attack, thus, like warriors, they need supports and guardians to keep them kicking.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
Wonder Allish, CindyTier – S
Queen Lilith, Raven Irene, Bunny BrideTier – A
Caraboose, Raven Maal, Cindy’s Stepmother, BritneyTier – B
Wicked Hag, Anne, Goddness Bella, Emerald MageTier – C

Tales of Grimm Support Tier List (Best Support)

Supports play a tremendously crucial part in any Tales of Grimm in-game squad. By providing healing, shields, and other forms of support, they ensure that their friends remain in fighting condition and are able to deliver damage for as long as possible in the game.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
Miss Conch, Mad Granny, maid SophieTier – S
Larissa, Dottie, Nightmare Ella, NesyTier – A
Thumboy, Thumbelina, Bremen, Princess Peaya, LettuceraTier – B

Tier List Perks for Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Some advantages of Tales of Grimm’s tier system are as follows:

  • If you want to see how each character in Tales of Grimm stacks up against the others, the simplest way to do so is to check out the tier list.
  • The Tales of Grimm tier list is an invaluable resource for setting strategy and building a winning squad.
  • Simply said, it’s entertaining to observe how well-known your favourite Tales of Grimm figures do.
  • Seeing your favourite Tales of Grimm characters at the top of the tier list may make you feel accomplished.


What are the Top Guardians in the Tales of Grimm Game?

The top Guardians in Tales of Grimm are Shahryar, Quasi Mortal, Triton, and Dark Knight.

What is the best Tales of Grimm game warrior?

In the Tales of Grimm universe, Prince Charming is the most formidable Warrior.

Which Support Characters in Tales of Grimm Do You Recommend?

The most useful Supports in Tales of Grimm are Crazy Grandma, Housekeeper Sophie, and Miss Conch.


I think you’ll find this Tales of Grimm ranking list to be interesting. In this article, we rated every playable character in Tales of Grimm based on their in-game strengths and weaknesses.

Happy Tales of Grimm Gaming, and feel free to leave comments if you have any suggestions or believe certain characters should have been given another placement.

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