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Tales of Grimm Tier List May 2023 New Update


Are You Searching for Tales of Grimm Tier List 2023? Look No Further! I Have Included all Character Rankings Here for Tales of Grimm Characters Here.

Tales of Grimm is an enjoyable RPG from Gacha RPG developer Famicom with a gripping narrative that will stay with us long after its pages have been turned. Fans will especially like its stylised visuals that invoke Tim Burton and Do not Starve movies, original fairytale adaptations by author Jody Rosen and engaging gameplay – not forgetting its soothing atmosphere! There’s much to admire in Tales of Grimm; we find its stylised visuals appealing while its unique storytelling remains memorable long after we close its final pages in an actual book! We find ourselves immersed in its spell! We were completely immersed by its fine narrative! We captivated by Tales of Grimm! It left our minds after we had read its last word! It left an unforgettable tale!

Since there are so many unique characters and creatures within Tales of Grimm, choosing which to bring on your adventure could prove challenging. To assist your quest we’ve put together this handy list with top characters for each class in Tales of Grimm that have been ranked from best to worst!


Order of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales for the Year 2023

Tales of Grimm characters fall under four main categories that best define them, each representing an ability of an opponent that they need to counter successfully with line-up configuration. Selecting an optimal strategy in Tales of Grimm can help counter the opponent’s talents more successfully; selecting it carefully is therefore one of the key aspects of playing successfully against certain opponent talents.

Tales of Grimm Tier List 2023 New Update

At level 20, players have access to an alternative formation that allows two defenders and only allows for one support character in their main configuration. At that level, two guardian heroes may lead their group into battle while only permitting for one support character in this unique configuration.


Therefore, we have established a tier list for every job available in Tales of Grimm so you can always be certain of making an optimal choice. In addition, each character class’s purpose in Tales of Grimm will also be detailed below.

the Grimms’ fairy tales Guardian Tier List (Best Guardian)

Guardians are the tank class in the Tales of Grimm game. They are really sturdy and powerful, able to absorb a lot of harm to foes. Although they have trouble with speedier opponents since they are not as mobile as warriors.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
ShahryarTier – S
Dark Knight, Quasi Mortal, TritonTier – A
Genie Cuya, FedernTier – B
Bean SageTier – C
Hans in Luck, HookhandTier – D

Tier System for Warriors in Grimm Tales (Best Warrior)

Warriors in Tales of Grimm are powerful melee attackers capable of doing massive damage close up. Support and guardian roles play an essential role in their success as part of an in-game squad.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
Prince CharmTier – S
Blade Gina, Dark Queen, Fencer Pedro, Yuri Schnee, Glade Laddin, Red Queen, Wukong, Quickcut PinnoTier – A
Rogue Jack, Swift Ali, Lil PrinceTier – B
Princess Ophelia, Prince Adam, Madman Gatton, GerdeTier – C

Magicians in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Rank Ordered (Best Mage)

Mages are as similar as warriors in Tales of Grimm game, but instead of in-game mele battling, they really deliver harm from a distance. They have poor defence but powerful attack, thus, like warriors, they need supports and guardians to keep them kicking.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
Wonder Allish, CindyTier – S
Queen Lilith, Raven Irene, Bunny BrideTier – A
Caraboose, Raven Maal, Cindy’s Stepmother, BritneyTier – B
Wicked Hag, Anne, Goddness Bella, Emerald MageTier – C

Tales of Grimm Support Tier List (Best Support)

Supports play an invaluable role in any Tales of Grimm in-game squad, providing healing, shields and other forms of aid so their friends remain fighting fit so that they can deliver damage for as long as possible in-game.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
Miss Conch, Mad Granny, maid SophieTier – S
Larissa, Dottie, Nightmare Ella, NesyTier – A
Thumboy, Thumbelina, Bremen, Princess Peaya, LettuceraTier – B

Tier List Perks for Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Some advantages of Tales of Grimm’s tier system are as follows:

  • If you want a quick way of seeing how each character stacks up against one another in Tales of Grimm, simply look at their respective Tier Lists.
  • A Tales of Grimm Tier List can serve as an invaluable asset in setting strategy and creating winning teams.
  • Simply stated, it can be fascinating to witness how well-known Tales of Grimm characters become over time.
  • Reward yourself with pride as you see your favorite Tales of Grimm characters at the top of their respective Tier lists! This may make you feel empowered.


What are the Top Guardians in the Tales of Grimm Game?

The top Guardians in Tales of Grimm are Shahryar, Quasi Mortal, Triton, and Dark Knight.

What is the best Tales of Grimm game warrior?

In the Tales of Grimm universe, Prince Charming is the most formidable Warrior.


This Tales of Grimm ranking list should prove informative. In it, we evaluated each playable character based on their strengths and weaknesses in-game.

Happy Tales of Grimm Gaming and don’t hesitate to leave comments with any ideas you might have for changing character placement or any suggestions you have!

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