Summoners War Codes (April 2024): How to Get Them?

Are You an Addiction of Summoners War Mobile Game? If so, chances are that you have heard of Summoners War codes; unique combinations of letters and numbers which can be redeemed for various rewards within the game. In this article we will go over what these Summoners War codes are as well as how you can obtain them and their rewards in detail.

What Are Summoners War Codes?

Summoners War codes are special promotional codes that can be redeemed within the game for various rewards, including crystals (the premium currency in Summoners War), mana stones (its basic form of currency), energy used during battles, scrolls or essences; these could all make great additions to one’s collection!

These codes are typically distributed by Com2uS as part of special events, promotions or giveaways for their game, typically via social media accounts for that game, email newsletters or community events.

Summoners War Codes

Summoners War Codes (April 2024)

sw2023mrp4mRedeem this promo code for Water Scroll x1 and Energy x100
sw2023jae6sRedeem for 100 Energy and a Mystic Scroll
swcreed23Redeem this promo code for Mystical Scroll x3
sw2023fev2uRedeem this promo code for Mystical Scroll x1
happyvalentine23Redeem this promo code for Mystical Scroll x1
gzswcouple23Redeem this promo code for Energy x100, Mana x100000

How to redeem summoners war code?

Follow these three steps in order to obtain Summoners War codes 2024:

  • Navigating back to the main game screen requires exiting all submenus and tapping EVENT on its right-side menu.
  • Once you click “Event,” a screen with several menus will open up; select the “Game Guide” tab from here.
  • On that same page, scroll to the “Input Your Offer Code” area and input your offer code for prizes.

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How to Get Summoners War Promo Codes

An effective way of staying on top of Summoners War promo codes is following its official social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages – these platforms frequently post Summoners War promos by Com2uS so it would be wise to monitor these platforms regularly!

One way of accessing Summoners War cheats is through subscribing to Com2us’ email newsletters, which provide regular updates with special codes or promotions that won’t appear anywhere else.

Take Part in Community Events Com2uS often hosts community events like contests or challenges on its social media pages that award Summoners War codes as prizes – make sure to follow these accounts to stay informed of future announcements!

Check Third-Party Websites Third-party websites like Reddit or Discord communities may share Summoners War codes; but use caution as not all codes provided there may be valid.

What Rewards Do Summoners War Cheats Offer?

Summoners War codes can offer a variety of rewards, including:

  • Crystals

Crystals are the games premium currency and can be used to purchase rare monsters, energy refills, and other valuable items. Summoners War cheats can often offer a small number of crystals as a reward.

  • Mana Stones

Mana stones are the game’s basic currency and can be used to power up monsters, purchase items from the shop, and more. Summoners War cheatscan offer a small amount of mana stones as a reward.

  • Energy

In fights players use energy which can run out fast. Summoners War cheats can offer a small amount of energy as a reward, which can help players keep playing for longer.

  • Scrolls and Essences

Summoners War cheats can also offer various scrolls and essences as rewards. These items can call new demons or boost current ones.


Summoners War codes offer players another great way to receive extra rewards in game. Players can take advantage of them by following social media pages related to the game, subscribing to email bulletins, attending community events and visiting third-party websites; players will find new codes here that offer crystals, mana stones, energy tablets or essences!

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