Scott Adams Net Worth: American Comic Author

Scott Adams Net Worth: Dilbert, created by American artist, author, and public speaker Scott Adams, satirises business and corporate society. Hartwick College educated him in finance and management.

After working as a bank clerk and computer coder, Adams started making comics and founded “Dilbert” in 1989. Over 2,000 newspapers in 65 nations published the comic strip, which spawned many books and products.

Scott Adams Net Worth: Adams has penned several non-fiction works, including “How to Lose at Almost Everything and Still Win Big” and “Win Bigly,” and is a famous speaker on business, technology, and personal growth. His political ideas have been contentious and outspoken.

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Scott Adams Net Worth

Scott Adams Net Worth: Scott Adams, an American humour writer, is worth $50 million. By creating Dilbert, Scott Adams became incredibly wealthy. He’s written novels like “The Religion War” outside of Dilbert.

Scott Adams Net Worth

Early Life of Scott Adams

Scott Adams was born June 8, 1957, in Windham, New York. He was raised in San Francisco. Adams was a child cartoonist. UC Berkeley awarded him an economics MA in 1979. UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business awarded him an MBA in 1986.

Scott Adams Net Worth: Adams was a bank clerk, computer coder, and commercial creative after college. He kept drawing and practising cartooning. Adams started sending drawings to journals and magazines in the late 1980s. “Dilbert” was his most popular humour strip.

Personal Life of Scott Adams

Scott Adams has three wives. He divorced Shelly Miles in 1995. After marrying Robin in 2006, they split. Social media star and model Kristina Basham became Adams’ third wife in 2010. The Pleasanton, California couple has a daughter.

Scott Adams Net Worth: Adams has discussed his health issues, including spasmodic dysphonia, which affects his speech. Focal dystonia, which effects his hand joints, has made drawing tough for him. Adams is an artist, poet, and Tae Kwon Do black belt. He also supports animal care and education charities.

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