Stellaris Cheat Engine 2024: Guide to Explain Cheat Engine

Stellaris Cheat Engine 2024: Stellaris is an intensive grand strategy game created by Paradox Interactive that I have played extensively, personally. However, at times the game can become challenging in such instances this article provides a Stellaris Cheat Engine Guide with Step-by-Step Instructions as a solution.

What is Stellaris Cheat Engine?

Stellaris Cheat Engine 2024: Guide to Explain Cheat Engine

Form an empire by sending construction ships out onto newly discovered planets to build stations while science ships investigate any parts of space that remain unexamined.

Discover long-lost artifacts & wonders of the universe as you guide your society in one direction, restricting explorers’ freedom & forcing them to change; alliances will form; wars will rage.

Like our other Grand Strategy games, your journey continues over time. By playing Paradox games regularly & taking advantage of free updates to expand & strengthen your empire – whatever awaits us beyond the stars can only be known by you.

Stellaris Cheat Engine & Trainer – Top Cheat Engine

Cheat engines (or trainers) are extremely comprehensive tools with many functions; you shouldn’t miss anything by using one; here is a comprehensive list of what it will add to your games:

  1. God Mode
  2. Set Unity
  3. Set Influence
  4. Fast Construction Recruiting
  5. Set Energy Credits
  6. Set Minerals
  7. Freeze Day
  8. Set Food
  9. Set Alloys
  10. Fast Research
  11. Set Valatile Moles
  12. Set Goods
  13. Console & Dev Mode in Ironman
  14. Set Zro
  15. Fast Station Construction
  16. Set Nanites
  17. Set Rare Crystals
  18. Unlimited Naval Capacity
  19. Set Dark Matter
  20. Set Living Metal

The cheat engine table for Stellaris can be downloaded here.

You can download a Stellaris Cheat Engine Table by following the link here.

  • Note that the link above works ONLY with Stellaris v1.8.2.

If a new version of Cheat Engine Table for Stellaris comes out, we’ll let you know.

How to Install the Trainer?

Here’s what you need to do to set up the trainer:

  • At the start of this final section you can find the direct download link for WeMod.
  • Once you have downloaded a file try opening it before clicking Install Now

Compatibility: The WeMod Trainer or Mod is only compatible with Windows PC, specifically Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 to run it properly.

How to Use Cheat Engine in Stellaris

Here is our step-by-step Stellaris Cheat Engine Guide that will assist with its use on Stellaris: Here are its steps:

  • Using Cheat Engine, choose stellaris.exe from the PROCESS LIST. To find this, click the button in the top left corner, under the FILE button.
  • Select the “Pause the game while scanning” button. To find this button, look at the image below & look for the number 4 on the button.
  • Click the “Exact Value” button & choose “Unknown initial value” from the drop-down menu. Number 5 in the image below shows you where to find this option.
  • Next, click “First Scan.” The number 6 in the image below shows you where to find it.
  • Stellaris Guide to the Cheat Engine Table Cheat Engine
  • Next, change the value you want to change (how much of a resource you want to change) inside Stellaris. You can do this by restarting the game & waiting until the value changes, or you can spend the resource on something, which will change the value.
  • For example, if your first scan showed that you had 200 Rare Minerals, you will want to change that number to something else. No matter if it’s 199, 201, or something else.
  • Use Cheat Engine again.
  • Enter the new number above “Exact Value” (the value of the recource after unpausing the game & it changing)
  • Press “Next Scan.”
  • Repeat Steps 7–10 until there are only a few values left in the ADDRESS BOX. To find the ADDRESS BOX, look at the image below.
  • Stellaris Cheat Engine
  • LEFT-CLICK on an ADDRESS in the ADDRESS BOOK, & then click CONTROL+A (Windows) or CMD+A (MacOS) to select all the addresses.
  • Right-click on the address that was just added to the bottom box.
  • Left-click on the address value, which is under the “Value” column in the same box.


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