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Steel Pokémon Weakness, Resistance, and Strength In 2023

Steel Pokémon Weakness, Resistance, and Strength In 2023: Steel-type Pokemon are among the most versatile and durable Pokemon available, capable of resisting attacks from all types – normal, flying, ice, bug, rock and fairy-type moves among others – without succumbing to weakness that savvy trainers could exploit. However, Steel Pokemon do possess certain weaknesses which should not be neglected.

What is a Steel-type Pokémon?

Steel-type Pokemon refers to any Pokemon composed in part of steel. Steel-types tend to be sturdy and resilient against various attacks; however, they’re vulnerable against Fire, Fighting and Ground types of moves.

Steel Pokémon Weakness, Resistance, and Strength

Steel-type Pokémon weaknesses

The following are the three main weaknesses of Steel-type Pokémon:

  • Fire-type moves: Fire is the ideal element to use against Steel-type Pokemon as it has the power to melt and weaken steel, rendering these moves especially potent against them.
  • Fighting-type moves: Fighting can also be very effective against steel-type Pokemon as the combat can damage it and break or bend it.
  • Ground-type moves: While Ground-type attacks don’t offer significant protection against Steel Pokemon, they do cause some neutral damage as soil can cause corrosion of steel surfaces.

How to counter Steel-type Pokémon

There are a few ways to counter Steel-type Pokémon:

  • Utilize Fire-Type Moves: Fire-type moves are the most efficient way of attacking Steel-type Pokemon. When faced with one, your best option would be a Fire-type Pokemon equipped with powerful Fire-Type moves.
  • Use Fighting-Type Moves: Fighting-type moves are also effective against Steel-type Pokemon, so if you don’t own one already, a Fighting-Type Pokemon may also make for an excellent addition to your team.
  • Use Ground-type moves: While Ground-type moves may not be as powerful, they still can deal some damage against Steel-type Pokemon. Even without Fire or Fighting-type Pokemon on your team, Ground-type Pokemon could still prove useful additions.
  • Use Pokemon with the Mold Breaker ability: Pokemon equipped with this ability can bypass type resistances of their opponents, meaning that a Steel-type Pokemon resistant to certain kinds of damage might still fall prey to super effective damage from an attack that uses this tactic.

Steel Pokémon resistance and strength

Steel-type Pokemon are resistant to 10 different attacks: Normal, Flying, Rock Bug Steel Grass Psychic Ice Dragon Fairy as well as Poisonous attacks from outside. Furthermore, they do not take damage in a Sandstorm situation.

Steel-type Pokemon are susceptible to three main attacks: Fire, Ground and Fighting.

Here is a table outlining the resistances and weaknesses of Steel-type Pokemon:


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