Magnus Carlsen Net Worth 2024: Early Life, Personal Life, & More

Magnus Carlsen Net Worth 2024: Magnus Carlsen, the reigning world chess champion from Norway and widely considered to be the greatest chess player ever, boasts an estimated net worth of $50 Million – making him one of the richest chess players worldwide.

Early Life and Career

Carlsen was born in Oslo, Norway in 1990. From an early age he showed an aptitude for chess; by 13 he had already achieved grandmaster status. Carlsen quickly rose through the ranks until becoming world chess champion at 22.

Personal Life

Carlsen remains unmarried. Although he has had relationships in the past, none have resulted in marriage. Carlsen remains relatively private about his personal life and does not share much information regarding it with the public.

Magnus Carlsen Net Worth
Magnus Carlsen Net Worth 2024: Early Life, Personal Life, & More

World Chess Champion

Carlsen has held onto the world chess championship title for nearly nine years and successfully defended it five times; most recently in 2022. Carlsen is known for his aggressive playing style and rapid calculations of complex positions.

Magnus Carlsen Net Worth

Carlsen has an estimated net worth of $50 Million. His earnings come from various sources such as tournament prize money, sponsorship deals and business ventures. Carlsen co-founded Play Magnus which now boasts 10 million+ users globally and also holds endorsement deals with major brands like Unibet, Mastercard and Skilling.

Sources of Income

Carlsen has earned over $20 Million in tournament prize money over his career. Additionally, Carlsen earns significant sums from sponsorship deals with major brands, such as Unibet, Mastercard and Skilling; additionally he owns his own chess app called Play Magnus that boasts 10 Million users globally.


Carlsen has endorsement deals with several major brands, including:

  • Unibet: A gambling company
  • Mastercard: A credit card company
  • Skilling: A trading platform
  • Play Magnus: A chess app

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Other Ventures

Carlsen has not only become known for his chess career but is also actively engaged in other ventures beyond chess – he co-founded Play Magnus app and established his own clothing line, in addition to winning multiple poker tournaments.


What is Magnus Carlsen’s Net Worth in 2023?

Magnus Carlsen’s estimated net worth in 2024 is estimated at an estimated $50 Million, making him one of the richest chess players worldwide.

What are Magnus Carlsen’s most lucrative endorsement deals?

Magnus Carlsen has secured several lucrative endorsement deals, such as those with Unibet, Mastercard and Skilling that total millions in each deal.

What are Magnus Carlsen’s other business ventures?

Magnus Carlsen is best known as co-founder of both the Play Magnus chess app and Carlsen Collection clothing lines, as well as being an accomplished poker player.

How much does Magnus Carlsen earn annually?

Magnus Carlsen typically earns around $2 Million per year through tournament prize money, sponsorship deals, and other business ventures.


Magnus Carlsen is one of the richest chess players in the world. He amassed his fortune from tournament prize money, sponsorship deals and various business ventures. Carlsen is a successful chess player, businessman and poker player; yet remains notoriously private.

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