Simon Guobadia Net Worth 2024: Age, Career, and More

What is Simon Guobadia Net Worth? This is the question that many people have raised and want to know the net worth of Simon Guobadia. Today in this post we will talk about Simon Guobadia’s net worth, career, personal life and many more. Keep reading the post:

Who is Simon Guobadia?

Simon Iyore Guobadia, a Nigerian-American entrepreneur and businessman, gained recognition as the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SIMCOL Group and its associated companies. The SIMCOL Group operates as a global supplier of petroleum products, specializing in the distribution of Bulk Fuel to both governmental and private entities. Their extensive range encompasses conventional petroleum products in addition to renewable energy alternatives.

Apart from his entrepreneurial ventures, Simon Guobadia has ventured into the realms of reality television and film production. Notably he garnered attention through his appearances on the reality television series, Real Housewives of Atlanta. Furthermore he has made significant contributions as a film producer, boasting an impressive filmography that includes titles such as Jail House Dogs (2012), Kill (2019), and Son of the South (2020).

Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Simon Guobadia Net Worth 2024

Based on our research, it has been determined that Simon Guobadia has amassed an estimated net worth of $40 Million. His financial success can primarily be attributed to his achievements as a Nigerian American entrepreneur, philanthropist and executive producer.

Net Worth$40 Million dollars as of 2023
Full NameSimon Guobadia
ProfessionEntrepreneur, philanthropist and executive producer
Date of Birth2 June 1964
Age59 years old
Height5 ft 11 inch.
BirthplaceBenin, Nigeria

Simon Guobadia Career

Simon Guobadia is an esteemed businessperson and entrepreneur who has achieved tremendous success in both hotel development and real estate investment. As CEO and founder of SIMCOL Group based out of Atlanta Georgia, his accomplishments span both industries.

Guobadia began his professional journey in hospitality through working for notable hotel chains such as Marriott and Hyatt. Through roles such as operations management and marketing he gained an in-depth knowledge of hospitality sector dynamics.

Guobadia started SIMCOL Group in 2011. The company invests in, develops and manages industrial real estate. Over time, this company has participated in many significant real estate projects including luxury apartment complexes, shopping centers and mixed use developments.

SIMCOL Group has become an acclaimed real estate enterprise under Guobadia’s expert management, amassing an estimated property portfolio valued at more than $500 million. Furthermore, its charitable endeavors are widely recognized; Guobadia himself regularly supports numerous community initiatives and charitable causes through his company.

Beyond his commitments with SIMCOL Group, Guobadia has also engaged in other business endeavors ranging from investments in technology startups to partnerships with fellow real estate firms.

FAQ About Simon Guobadia Net Worth

What is Simon Guobadia Nationality?

He is a Nigerian-American businessman

How tall is Simon Guobadia?

Simon Guobadia is 5 ft 11 inch tall man.

How old is Simon Guobadia?

Simon was born on 2 June 1964. So, Simon Guobadia is 59 years old

What is Simon Guobadia Net Worth?

Simon Guobadia’s net worth in 2024 is $40 Million dollars.

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