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Seraphine LoL lane (League of Legends) First Champion


Seraphine LoL Lane: When Seraphine first released as part of Overwatch last year, she quickly became one of its most unpopular champions. So why are people disliking Seraphine so much now, or why does everyone hate her so strongly still today? We will explore all these points today.

As the “starry-eyed songstress”, she exudes happiness and optimism, yet can she really fit into League of Legends universe? In particular, was Seraphine who appears to be Lux and Sona’s offspring really necessary with them already present? Let’s have a closer look!

Seraphine lol
Seraphine lol

Seraphine, lol: The Legend of Her First Champion

Seraphine legacy was vast upon her first release. To raise her in Piltover, her Zaunite parents sacrificed everything and sacrificed their own happiness so she would flourish as an infant girl. Unfortunately for Seraphine, however, she had the ability to hear other’s songs, causing immense emotional suffering for all involved.

Only a crystal that muffled all sounds around her was enough to keep her under control; yet even it sang its own unique song, one which clearly belonged to Skarner and Hextech.

There’s no denying the crystal helped Seraphine recover, even going so far as to aid her as an infant. Everyone found this hard to believe since Piltover and Seraphine’s people – Seraphine’s people had played such an instrumental role in the Brackern’s demise.


Annie and Nunu must fight on Summoner’s Rift for more important reasons than Seraphine being Seraphine; there should be an element of struggle and hardship which you won’t find here.

There Were More Details Added to Her K/DA Lore

Seraphine K/DA skin created an easily relatable narrative. Her ambitions of becoming a music superstar inspired social media accounts, comic books and even her ultimate skin to reflect this desire. For an ideal Seraphine skin option in League of Legends check out Riot’s Seraphine skin options available – they have showered this stunning model with multiple skins since her introduction!

Seraphine K/DA lore had more detail than her “canon” lore, leading fans to feel she didn’t fit within League of Legends as intended. Instead, Seraphine felt more like someone from “our world” transplanted into Runeterra; League of Legends should have been her homeworld rather than vice versa.


She doesn’t resemble Piltoverian Seraphine

First and foremost, is Piltoverian the appropriate term? Regardless let’s proceed.

Seraphine was an oddity on Runeterra, and many in Piltover thought her outfit wasn’t cohesive with others attire. Even with all of her appearance, Seraphine didn’t look like someone from Runeterra.

Redditors made significant adjustments to Piltover outfit which made her character more realistic.

Kit Seraphine’s Champion

Once again, these issues might have passed you by without much of an awareness on your part if you’re not an avid lore expert. Just because you love playing League of Legends doesn’t mean you care about its lore or how its champions develop over time what exactly is seraphine problem then?

Many believe Sona should have received Seraphine kit. Both women are world-class musicians and share many similar skills. Many upgrades in Sona’s dull kit would have helped her, yet were denied to her due to policies restricting free choice; consequently she has experienced lower playback rates than Seraphine did.

As soon as Seraphine first made her debut, many Sona fans mistook her for being another reworked version of Sona.

One Year Later, Seraphine

What are the opinions of former fans? Should League of Legends remove Seraphine from play? Comparing her win rate against that of Sona shows us that Sona has the upper hand with an almost constant 53% win rate while Seraphine struggles.

Seraphine has since become part of the meta, often seen playing either bot lane or mid lane in professional play. Her expectation was for Seraphine to fill in at back end; however, her stats have fallen far short.

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After reviewing all of the detailed information about Seraphine LoL lane above, which has been presented for your consideration in its entirety, hopefully now have an improved grasp on its subject matter.

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