What is Sedecordle game ? How to Play Sedecordle

Sedecordle :It appears that many have taken advantage of Wordle’s continuing popularity in 2024. After you finish solving your daily puzzle, you can play around with all the different Wordle versions available online based on your preferences for food, music or flags – even one version that purposefully doesn’t provide a solution!

Sedecordle, a newly developed Wordle variant, allows for the simultaneous solution of many Wordle problems. This page provides all the information you need to get started with Sedecordle.

Nowadays, there are various Wordle variations available online such as Nerdle, Dordle, Tridle, Quordle and Octordle. If quantity of Wordles is what you’re after then Sedecordle is your best bet. Additionally we have added games like Knotwords and Hardle in case it would be dishonest of us not to recommend them to you.

What is Sedecordle game ? How to Play Sedecordle

What is Sedecordle game ? How to Play Sedecordle

Sedecordle challenges you to discover 16 equally perplexing five-letter words instead of just the cryptic five-letter Wordle. Utilizing your screen’s grid, guess each word one at a time using your original estimate as the correct and incorrect letters that match will be shown accordingly.

You can use this information about the correct and incorrect letters to guide your next guess, much like Wordle does. Each 16 word has 21 attempts total, with any greyed out letters meaning they cannot be reused again; thus, you won’t be able to utilize any of them as you progress through the game.

Sedecordle 147 Words Hints Today (March 2024)

Here are the clues we have for all the sixteen words of Sedecordle 147 today.

Hint 1: Here are the starting letters of each word:

  • Word 1: B
  • Word 2: R
  • Word 3: M
  • Word 4: L
  • Word 5: H
  • Word 6: O
  • Word 7: T
  • Word 8: T
  • Word 9: C
  • Word 10: D
  • Word 11: T
  • Word 12: T
  • Word 13: F
  • Word 14: B
  • Word 15: R
  • Word 16: S

What is the Sedecordle 147 Answer Today? (March 2024)

Here are all of the answers for Sedecordle 147 released today on March 2024:

  • Word 1: BILLY
  • Word 2: RADIO
  • Word 3: MOCHA
  • Word 4: LIMBO
  • Word 5: HORSE
  • Word 6: OZONE
  • Word 7: TRIAL
  • Word 8: TRUER
  • Word 9: CREAM
  • Word 10: DROIT
  • Word 11: TWANG
  • Word 12: TWICE
  • Word 13: FERAL
  • Word 14: BOSOM
  • Word 15: REIGN
  • Word 16: SHOUT

As the grid for this game is huge, we only have the screenshot of all the answers when we had solved the puzzle, which you can see below:


How can I get sedecordle and what is it?

Today, many Wordle variations can be found online – such as Nerdle, Dordle, Tridle, Quordle and Octordle – but Sedecordle is the best option if quantity of Wordles is what you’re after. We have included games like Knotwords and Hardle in case it would be dishonest of us not to suggest them to you.

Sedecordle challenges you to uncover 16 equally perplexing five-letter words instead of the more commonly known Wordle. Your screen will display a grid on which your best predictions for each phrase are recorded; all words are given first guesses so the correct or incorrect letters are shown for each one.

Similar to Wordle, you may use the feedback for correct and incorrect letters as input for your next guess. When trying to guess all 16 words, there are a total of 21 attempts and any letters that are greyed out may only be used once. As such, you won’t be able to utilize any available letters throughout the game.

Do you feel worn out after Secdecordle? Reduce your gaming here.

Check out these Wordle alternatives in case solving 16 issues at once in 21 attempts wasn’t what you were searching for:

  • Dordle
  • Tridle
  • Quordle
  • Octordle

How do Sedecordle and Wordle vary from one another?

Sedecordle and Wordle only differ in one important way: the number of guesses you get and which words need to be figured out. With Sedecordle, on the other hand, requires you to guess sixteen 5-letter words out of 21 attempts while Wordle requires you to guess sixteen 5-letter words within 21 attempts.

Sedecordle offers a Free mode in which you can play as many puzzles as desired. Unfortunately, Wordle does not natively support earlier or more difficult challenges; however, with our comprehensive article, you may be able to find solutions quickly and easily.

Where may Sedecordle be played?

You may use the supplied link or go to Sedecordle’s official website at Sedecordle.com to play the game.


You may see the website on a computer and a smartphone.

How is Sedecordle played?

Playing Sedecordle can be a lot of fun, much like Wordle. Let’s try out a quick game to get acquainted with its controls.

Once Sedecordle launches in your browser, a welcome page will appear. Select daily sedecordle from the puzzle menu to play that day’s puzzle. Or take advantage of our free option and play as many puzzles as desired for some experience building!

You are aware of the challenge you are facing. Let’s examine all the facts available to you.

“Puzzle numbers” are the numbers at the top of your grid that correspond to secret words. Each number indicates a correct answer, and you can keep track of them all by clicking on one of their green ‘puzzle numbers’. To access the puzzle, click on any given puzzle number for assistance.

  • To launch Sedecordle in fullscreen mode on your PC, click the Fullscreen button located at the top right corner.
  • Switching game modes is simple with the back buttons.
  • Users who select this option will gain access to a brand-new Sedecordle puzzle, though only the free version of the app offers this benefit.
  • By selecting this options, you can learn more about Sedecordle.
  • Try and guess our first word “Arise”. It contains enough vowels and consonants for us to get going.
  • Sedecordle has taken note of his reply and appropriately responded, as evidenced by his response.
  • Use the right hand scroll bar to view all your crossword puzzle words.
  • Finally! We have identified and discounted all others potential solutions from consideration. Good luck in whatever endeavor you chooses!

Sedecordle’s rules

  • Knowing the most crucial Sedecordle regulations will make maintaining your streak simpler.
  • There are sixteen 5-letter words in each challenge.
  • 21 erroneous assumption allowances
  • Green will be applied to the letters that were successfully predicted.
  • Incorrectly predicted letters will become grey.
  • Letters that are a part of the word but are in the wrong position will be highlighted in yellow.
  • It’s OK to guess the same thing many times.
  • Greyed-out letters will be accepted in Sedecordle.
  • Red text will be used to indicate words that are inappropriate.

Guidelines for Sedecordle

Advice and strategies to help you maintain your Sedecordle streak

Switch between the game’s sixteen puzzle boards quickly and easily by clicking on the numbers at the top of your screen. For example, clicking on 3 will take you to the third board in the series.

Correcting our vowels is often beneficial. Most words contain one or two vowels, which helps us better comprehend the remaining letters in a word.

Once you’ve finished an attempt, check each of the sixteen puzzle boards to see how many yellow and green letters are in each word. Doing this increases our capacity for predicing words since we only have 21 opportunities to do so.

Following is a succinct description of each term as a second tip:

  • Word 1: a tin or enamel cooking pot for camping that has a lid and a wire handle.
  • Word 2:employing a low-frequency radio frequency to send or receive sound signals using electromagnetic waves.
  • Word 3:This coffee is considered to be premium.
  • Word 4: the purported resting place of the souls of unbaptized neonates and the pious who passed away before the coming of Christ (in certain Christian doctrines).
  • Word 5: A large, plant-eating mammal with powerful hooves and a flowing tail that is one of the most popular domesticated animals is the horse, which is utilised for riding, racing, and pulling and carrying freight in addition to other tasks.
  • Word 6: In order to create the colourless, unstable, toxic gas with a distinctive odour and strong oxidising properties, electrical discharges or UV radiation must first synthesise oxygen. O3 is a three-atom oxygen molecule, unlike O2. (O3).
  • Word 7: In criminal and civil cases, the court must examine evidence to determine guilt or innocence.
  • Word 8: in accordance with reality or the truth.
  • Word 9: If milk is allowed to sit for a long time, a fatty liquid will rise to the surface. This liquid may sweeten, flavor, and cook.
  • Word 10: It is a duty or a right.
  • Word 11: the sound of a bowstring being let go or the sound of a musical instrument’s string being plucked.
  • Word 12: For each of the next two situations, say:
  • Word 13 refers to a wild animal, especially one that has escaped from restraint or domestication.
  • Word 14’s meaning is “very near” or “intimate” (of a buddy).
  • Word 15: keep one’s position of royal power; use one’s position of royal authority.
  • Word 16 is defined as a loud scream, generally as a sign of intense passion (of a person).

Is Sedecordle’s service unavailable? The issue has been fixed.

Sedecordle website typically functions well. If you’re experiencing trouble playing, you may encounter one or more of the following: Investigate your internet connection to repair network troubles. 99 percent of web application failures can be traced back to network problems.

Try an alternate approach: Use a different device to visit Sedecordle.com. Do this first in order to test your network connection on your current device.

Change to a Different Network: Switching Wi-Fi or mobile data networks could be advantageous if your current internet connection is experiencing issues or if your Internet service provider has blocked certain websites. This may help avoid inconvenience and hassle in the future.

Some websites may be excluded or blocked by custom DNS providers due to not meeting specific requirements. If your device uses a custom DNS provider, it could be interfering with the website; thus, we recommend turning it off on your device.

We recommend temporarily disabling your VPN. In some cases, websites may be blocked for your current location inside a virtual private network (VPN), preventing access to them.

Firewall rules can make it impossible to access website servers, so be sure to review them first if you have one. If there are any conflicting rules on your firewall, be sure to disable them all at once.

Clear the cache in your browser of Sedecordle.com: Clear away any outdated cache or data that might be interfering with your current work.

As a last option, check again after a few hours. Technical issues may have caused the website’s outage.

We sincerely hope this article has provided you with a better understanding of Sedecordle.

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