Wordle 481 Answer: Wordle Answer Today January 2024

Wordle 481 Answer: Wordle Answer Today, if you need assistance solving the January 12 (481) Wordle or want to read some suggestions on how to improve your daily game, you’ll find it here.

Today’s Wordle had a lot of shuffling, with yellow letters becoming solid greens mostly by close observation and trial and error. It was fun to chip away at the solution until there were no more options.

Wordle for today: A tip for January

Today’s question is rather simple; the correct term is one that is used to designate something that is precisely the same size, weight, amount, or any other measure as whatever it is being compared to. To answer this puzzle, you’ll need to locate two vowels.

  • Skull and Bones has been postponed yet Again

3 strategies to help you win every day at Wordle

I’m going to give you a few simple suggestions to get you started on the right track since, if there’s one thing, it’s playing Wordle well:

  • A good opener contains a balanced mix of unique vowels and consonants. 
  • A tactical second guess helps to narrow down the pool of letters quickly.
  • The solution January contain repeat letters.

The only deadline is midnight. It’s OK to approach the game like a newspaper crossword and try again if you’re stuck.

Wordle 481 Answer

Wordle 481 Answer: Wordle Answer Today

Want a little push? Sure. The solution to the Wordle puzzle from January 02 (481) is EQUAL.

Wordle archive

The more Wordle answers you can memorise, the greater your chances of guessing today’s answer without choosing a duplicate. Wordle responses might inspire amusing beginning words for daily puzzles.

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