Sasuke Retsuden Manga Ch 5: Sasuke And Sakura Infiltrate

Sasuke Retsuden Manga: Sasuke and Sakura advance in Sasuke Retsuden Chapter 5. After a two-week gap, Sasuke Retsuden Chapter 5 provided an excellent chapter. Sasuke and Sakura found additional ultra-particle hints in the Map of the Heavens in this week’s chapter. In it, they uncovered constellations containing the Ulta Particles’ truth.
Sasuke solved the riddle in this week’s chapter, despite Sakura’s vow. The two then explored Redaku’s enigma, which made the chapter more exciting. With Meno and Zansul in the mix, Sasuke Retsuden Chapter 5 was loved by fans and sets up more strong story developments.

Sasuke Retsuden Manga Ch 5: Prisoners and Meno

Sasuke Retsuden Manga: As usual, this chapter showed Meno and the inmates. They started Sasuke Retsuden Chapter 5. Jiji realised Meno liked the aroma of the Almond tree in jail, so he attempted to tame him with a branch and pet. While petting it, his foot exited the jail and Meno attacked. Meno burned himself with the cell’s flame and overturned it. Sasuke explained why the beast attacked, demonstrating his sharpness.

Sasuke Retsuden Manga: After using his Fire Release Jutsu to restart the lantern’s light, Sasuke realised a key indication regarding the constellations that worried him since he saw them in the Map of the Heavens. He recognised immediately that the Tailed Beasts held the Map of the Heavens’ secret. A Tailed Beast that resembled Kurama, the Nine-tailed beast, was observed by Sasuke.

Sasuke Retsuden Manga

Sasuke Retsuden Manga Ch 5: Sasuke discovers the solution

Sasuke Retsuden Manga: Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno solved the Map of the Heavens riddle in the previous chapter. There, they identified constellations containing Ultra Particle indications. Sasuke didn’t know how to handle them at first, but he figured out their secret in this chapter. Sasuke soon learned out the constellations’ truth. He concluded they were Tailed Beasts.

Sasuke Retsuden Manga: After making this observation, he sought out his wife and discovered the Tailed Beasts and constellations. Sakura told Sasuke what she’d learned. She said Redaku’s prime minister sent someone to Zansul to check on a joint project. To learn more, Sasuke and Sakura want to snoop around a Redaku gathering.

Sasuke Retsuden Manga Ch 5: The Infiltration of the Meeting

Sasuke Retsuden Manga: Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno infiltrated the meeting between Redaku’s men and Zansul in Sasuke Retsuden Chapter 5. Sakura Haruno has been crucial in this spin-off comic. In this chapter, she proceeded by devising a strategy and gathering meeting details. Sakura posed as an official to escort the Redaku man to Zansul’s office. She knocked him unconscious and cloned him at an unknown spot. Following him, Sasuke joined his team.

Sasuke Retsuden Manga: The two then worked together to access Zansul’s office, where Sakura tried to gather information. Sasuke sneaked around the observatory to learn its mysteries. While the two were nearly captured, Sasuke snuck inside and spotted hens. What this chamber means is unknown. Zansul followed Sasuke there shortly after, leaving Sakura’s fate unknown. Sasuke Retsuden is heating up.

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