Mr Beast League of Legends Team, he intends to buy one Team

Mr Beast League of Legends Team: YouTube star and League of Legends player Mr. Beast hopes to own a club soon.
Aiming to purchase a League of Legends team, Mr. Beast just reached 100 million YouTube subscribers. Mr. Beast revealed that he would own a team in LoL’ League Championship Series (LCS).

Mr Beast League of Legends Team: Mr. Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is a lifelong LoL enthusiast who has participated in various YouTube videos and Twitch competitions. Even though he had never been to a Riot-run League of Legends event before today, he said he would like to buy a team in 2020.

Mr Beast League of Legends Team

Mr Beast League of Legends Team

Mr Beast League of Legends Team: However, Mr. Beast was unveiled as a guest commentator for the World Championship Final, League of Legends’ greatest night of the year. While on the desk, he spoke about his love of the game and his predictions for the upcoming series before being asked by fellow announcer Isaac “Azael” Cummings-Bentley if the rumours of him buying a team in North America’s LCS were true. Many fans had previously theorised that he would use some of his immense wealth to create a competitive team. Mr. Beast responded promptly, saying “the question is more when” he will buy a club.
“If we do it, I want to have a team that makes it to a stage like this,” Mr. Beast said, gesturing to the sold-out stadium awaiting the 2022 World Final, in which T1 will try to capture a record fourth title against heavy underdogs DRX. Mr. Beast is eager to fix that by taking his time to put up a Summoner’s Cup-winning roster.

A Mr. Beast-led LCS club would definitely attract a lot of new players since the league has declined in popularity. All three North American teams finished 3-15 in four North American locales, failing to qualify for the 2022 World Championship.

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