Rocket league slurpee decal 2022 for PS4 and PC

Rocket league slurpee decal is a vehicle soccer video game created by Psyonix, and it has a Slurpee Decal if you’re a fan of vehicular soccer games. Launching in July 2015 for PS4 and PC, the game’s first release was a huge success. The game was first only available for the PlayStation 4, but later it was made available on the Xbox One and the Switch.

Our focus in this review will be on the game’s most noteworthy elements and tips for getting the most out of them. Let’s examine the rules of the game first, however, so that we can get off on the right foot.

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Rocket league slurpee decal: Unlock It Now!

While a Rocket League Slurpee decal is one option, there are more ways to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the frozen dessert. To further personalise your ride, the game offers a variety of different stickers, such as a Slurpee cup lid. Some of the decals even move around to offer some more pzazz. Although uncommon, these decals may look fantastic when combined with other moving parts like wheels.

Rocket league slurpee decal 2022 for PS4 and PC

Users’ vehicles will now be able to be branded with the 7-Eleven logo thanks to the new relationship. The 7-Eleven Slurpee Cup is a regional event in North America that bears the convenience store chain’s name and is dedicated to the popular frozen treat. Having secured this partnership, the firm is now able to take the Slurpee to a whole new level in the gaming industry.

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The Slurpee decal is a fun and unusual addition to any Rocket League vehicle. You may get this sticker on the dark web, and it’s comparable to the Dissolver, the Streak Wave, and the Glorifier. You may also make your automobile stand out from the others by applying stickers of music from the game. The purchase of a Slurpee decal may seem steep, but it’s well worth it to flaunt your enthusiasm for the game.

Rocket League Slurpee Sticker Costs:

In Rocket League, you can only get a Slurpee decal for a short time. A beautiful snowflake animation and meticulous craftsmanship are included. It’s a perfect choice for the winter season and can be used for both casual and festive occasions. Try Interstellar if you’re a fan of outer space and competitive space combat. But you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

A Rocket League Slurpee Decoy Code:

Fans of Rocket League may get their hands on a 7-Eleven Slurpee decal beginning tomorrow, as was announced earlier today on the official Rocket League Twitter account. This tweet has an accompanying short animation that describes the partnership. You can learn more about the programme and how it works to earn in-game stuff for gamers on the 7-Eleven website. You may now be among the first Rocket League players to sport a Slurpee decal!

One of the most sought-after Rocket League skins, the Slurpee design, is now sold in 7-Eleven stores throughout the country. The sticker is in the shape of a red and blue cup topped with a soccer ball. Once the decal is applied, the player has access to in-game stores where they may buy cosmetic upgrades for their cars. These enhancements do not change the game in any way, but they certainly add to the fun.

Scanning participating items is another way to get these codes. You may get a code by shopping at retailers like 7-Eleven, Speedway, or Stripes. Only some merchants are able to accept this coupon code. This code is not valid in conjunction with any other offers. You may get all the decals from the participating retailers once you have enough points. Be aware, however, that these promo codes are only valid for Rocket League.

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