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Dominus Rocket League 2023: How to Get the Dominus


Dominus Rocket League 2023: Rocket League and Hitboxes make for an irresistibly romantic pairing, yet to progress successfully in the Battle Arena and reap its sweet rewards at season’s end, you must possess some basic understanding of automobile body types.

Types vary greatly in terms of their advantages and disadvantages, distinctive statistics and associated vehicles. Herein, we investigate each hitbox as well as which cars it can work with; let us now take a look at the Dominus Hitbox. It is time for action.

Dominus Rocket League

Rocket League’s hitboxes are an unusual occurrence. Previously, each vehicle had its own unique set of properties according to Patch v1.35, the Anniversary Update. According to Psyonix, all new cars had to fit into six specified hitboxes in order to improve the balance of Rocket League. We’ve already seen the Octane Hitbox, and now that Dominus is so popular, it’s time to check it out!


In Rocket League, how to obtain the Dominus

Before the announcement that Rocket League would become free to play Psyonix granted all players access to cars previously only available through Supersonic Fury DLC.

Every Rocket League garage should feature the Dominus, regardless of when or how they first downloaded the game. While Takumi car bodies and cosmetics were initially only available through purchasing Supersonic Fury DLC, Psyonix made them accessible for free in December – making the Dominus an essential purchase right off the bat for any newcomer to Rocket League.


On September 23rd, Rocket League free to play update was made available.

In Rocket League, the Dominus Hitbox has the following

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Dimensions MatterWhen it comes to height the Dominus Hitbox may fall a little short compared to others; however its length more than makes up for any lack of height. This long reach makes the Dominus ideal for defense as goal saves can occur last second or even save last second goal attempts Also great for fast paced movies! Enjoy!

Rocket League Dominus Hitbox: Handling

Dominus Hitbox2.3362.035

When not being used as a booster, the Dominus Hitbox acts similarly to its Octane Hitbox counterpart in terms of handling.


However, when the engine is revved up significantly, handling improves significantly. With its tighter turning circle and quicker turns possible when under boost, Dominus becomes an apt vehicle for quick maneuvers.


You should now understand Dominus Rocket League after examining the preceding material and making it easily accessible. If there are any concern with what has been shared above feel free to leave a comment below; rest assured that we will do everything within our capacity to assist.

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