Refurbished iPad Pro: Probably won’t purchase a new device again

Refurbished iPad Pro: My most recent acquisition was an iPad. Although I don’t really like Apple products, several of the programmes I need for work are only accessible on iOS, thus I can’t use an Android tablet for work.

Refurbished iPad Pro: Although I’ve been giving advise on purchasing gadgets for years, having to put my money where my mouth is seems like a significant test of everything I’ve written. But after choosing a refurbished iPad Pro 12.9 (the 2021 model) with 256GB of storage & Wi-Fi connection & receiving it last night, I feel justified in advising buying secondhand technology.

Refurbished iPad Pro

Refurbished iPad Pro: Discovering a tablet

Buying a new iPad was frightening since Apple goods are costly, but I maintained an open mind.

This mindset lasted just one second until I ruled out getting an iPad Mini. Who would purchase a tablet the size of some Android phones? Never.

Refurbished iPad Pro: After hearing rumours of a makeover, I considered purchasing a new iPad (2022) & would have if it had released with the iPhone 14. I can’t wait for the anticipated October launch event. The entry-level iPad range was also eliminated because of its outdated design.
The iPad Air became my favourite option; not the iPad Air (2022), since it’s a poor improvement (2020). I enjoy this tablet’s excellent appearance, powerful processor, & small size. As you can see from the title, I didn’t choose it because of storage. The iPad Air’s midrange pricing is for 64GB. Choosing 256GB is more expensive.

Next? The iPad Pro series, which I’ve used since 2018. The iPad Pro line is likewise pricey, but I enjoy the 12.9-inch model’s size & storage possibilities.

Refurbished iPad Pro: I found lots of reconditioned models when shopping. I’d been comparing the pricing of new & refurbished iPad Pro tablets on BackMarket, Amazon, & Apple’s website.
My analysis indicated that iPad Pro models had the best new-to-used costs. Some refurbished websites allow you pick the device’s quality, with immaculate versions costing more.

This is why I chose an iPad Pro over an iPad Air, a 12.9-inch model over a lesser 11-inch tablet, & 256GB storage over 128GB. The abundance of reconditioned iPad Pro devices meant I could acquire more tablet for the same price, saving me a lot of money.

I saved roughly £250 by purchasing a used iPad instead of a new one at launch. Given that Black Friday discounts are usually just around £100, I was impressed with this savings.

Refurbished iPad Pro: getting more than what you paid for

After clicking “Buy” on Apple’s website (which offered the model at a cheaper price than Amazon or BackMarket), I had reservations. I’d committed to pay a lot of money on a second-hand tablet I’d never seen. Had I erred?
When I entered the Apple Store, I felt like I was at a street market. Why were so many people loitering & not buying? Why were all the workers yelling? By making Apple Stores more like hubs than stores, the company confused customers.

Refurbished iPad Pro: My iPad arrived in a plastic-wrapped package, which further confused me. Had the employee accidentally handed me a fresh tablet?

When I got home, I noticed that it was a reconditioned device; Apple had gone to great measures to make it appear fresh. When I opened the package, the wall socket & cable were neatly wrapped.

If not for the term “refurbished” on the box, no one would realise this was a second-hand item, & the tablet itself is just as telling. It was blemish-free. Even the charging port, which may be damaged easily, appeared unused.

Refurbished iPad Pro: I can’t predict how well the iPad’s battery will last since it lacks the iPhone’s Battery Health function. After a day of use, this tablet feels like the brand-new test unit I’d been using for months.
This “refurbished” equipment seems so fresh that I’m contemplating my future purchases. Apple has a top-notch method for repairing its items, but its rivals (including Amazon’s refreshed service & BackMarket) need to keep up to be competitive.

My iPad Pro seems fresh, although I spent much less than for a new device. If I can save the same amount of money on other items of equivalent quality (a no-brainer given the cost of living problem), I don’t see the need to purchase new.

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